Chapter 18.97


18.97.010    Purpose.

18.97.020    Permitted SRO zones.

18.97.030    Minimum development standards.

18.97.040    Parking.

18.97.050    Common spaces.

18.97.060    Additional standards for single room occupancy (SRO) housing units.

18.97.070    Signs and fences.

18.97.080    Garbage disposal and receptacles.

18.97.010 Purpose.

The purpose of these regulations is to allow the development of reduced-size dwelling units, defined as single room occupancy (SRO) units, with limited parking requirements to provide additional options for affordable housing opportunities.

“SRO housing” is defined as housing units that are restricted to occupancy by no more than two persons and may include a kitchen and/or a bathroom, in addition to a bed. These units are typically comprised of one or two rooms.

These SRO regulations are considered to be in addition to the regulations of the underlying zoning districts where SRO development is permitted. SROs must meet the current local standards for building safety. (Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)

18.97.020 Permitted SRO zones.

(A) A “small SRO” (six or fewer units) is an allowed use in the R-3 multifamily residential zone, subject to the same district requirements applicable to multifamily residential or apartment uses in that zoning district.

(B) A “large SRO” (seven or more units) is allowed with a conditional use permit in R-3 and C-2 zones. (Ord. CCO-11-05 § 98, 2011; Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)

18.97.030 Minimum development standards.

(A) The net area of an SRO unit may range from a minimum of 150 square feet to a maximum of 400 square feet, with the average unit size being no greater than 345 square feet.

(B) Private Facilities.

(1) SRO units of 220 square feet or more are required to have a kitchen and a full bathroom.

(2) Any area that may be used for food preparation must be defined in building plans and each having a clear working space of 30 inches in front and meet the requirements of the State of California Health and Safety Code and California Building Code Section 1208.4 or subsequent amendments.

(3) A full bathroom shall contain at least a toilet, sink and bathtub, shower or bath/shower combination.

(4) A partial (or half) bathroom shall have at least a toilet and sink.

(5) All SRO units must have a closet.

(C) Twenty-four-hour on-site management must be provided at an SRO with seven or more units and shall include a dwelling unit designated for the manager.

(D) All SRO projects must have a management plan approved by the City of Mt. Shasta Planning Director. The management plan shall contain management policies, maintenance plans, rental procedures, tenant rules, and security procedures. (Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)

18.97.040 Parking.

Off-street parking must be provided at a rate of one space per three rooming units plus one space per two employees on the largest shift, but not less than two spaces plus one space per vehicle used in the operation of the SRO. (Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)

18.97.050 Common spaces.

(A) SRO projects shall have at least 10 square feet of common usable open space per unit; however, no SRO project shall provide less than 200 square feet of common outdoor open space and 200 square feet of common indoor open space. Maintenance areas, laundry facilities, storage (including bicycle storage), and common hallways shall not be included as usable indoor common space. Landscape areas that are less than eight feet wide shall not be included as outdoor common space.

(B) Common open spaces shall be designed to accommodate appropriate furnishings and shall be furnished for use by residents. Appropriate furnishings for indoor spaces may include such items as lounge chair(s) and/or couch(es), table(s) with chairs, writing desk(s), and television(s). Outdoor furnishings may include such items as outdoor bench(es), table(s) with chairs, barbecue(s), and shade umbrella(s).

(C) Laundry facilities that have a minimum of two washers and two dryers must be provided in a separate room. Additional washers and dryers must be provided for any development that has more than 20 units at the ratio of one washer and one dryer for every additional 20 units.

(D) Common bathrooms must be located on any floor with units that do not have full bathrooms. Common bathrooms shall be either single occupant use with provisions for privacy or multi-occupant use with separate provisions for men and women. Common bathrooms shall have shower or bathtub facilities at a ratio of one for every seven units or fraction thereof. Each shared shower or bathtub facility shall be provided with an interior lockable door.

(E) Complete common cooking facilities/kitchens must be provided if any unit within the project does not have a kitchen. One complete cooking facility/kitchen shall be provided within the project for every 20 units or portion thereof or have one kitchen on any floor where units without kitchens are located.

(F) All SRO units must have access to a separate usable storage space within the project.

(G) With the exception of projects that allow only senior residents, projects that have less than one automobile parking space per unit shall provide one easily accessible space for storing and locking a bicycle per unit. For projects that provide one parking space per unit, at least one bicycle storage space for every two units shall be provided. (Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)

18.97.060 Additional standards for single room occupancy (SRO) housing units.

In addition to meeting requirements for residential structures defined elsewhere in the Land Development Code, buildings, hotels, and structures containing single room occupancy housing units shall comply with the following:

(A) Kitchen and Bathroom Requirements.

(1) All appliances and power outlets shall be installed pursuant to the California Building Code and California Electrical Code.

(2) All cooking appliances and power outlets used for cooking appliances shall be installed pursuant to the California Building Code and California Electrical Code and shall be installed under permit from the City of Mt. Shasta Building Department. (Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)

18.97.070 Signs and fences.

Additional regulations for signs and fences are pursuant to MSMC Title 8 and the City of Mt. Shasta Design Guidelines. (Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)

18.97.080 Garbage disposal and receptacles.

Garbage disposal and receptacles are to be provided by the property owner. Garbage receptacles must be located on the lot or property in a manner that does not hinder access to any required off-street parking or loading spaces. Garbage receptacles must be in compliance with the City’s Architectural Design Guidelines. (Ord. CCO-10-03 § 2, 2010)