Chapter 19.02


19.02.010    Establishment of free library.

19.02.020    Board of Trustees – Term – Administration.

19.02.030    Operations – Funding.

19.02.010 Establishment of free library.

There is established within the City of Mt. Shasta a municipal free library. (Ord. CCO-95-07, 1995)

19.02.020 Board of Trustees – Term – Administration.

Unless the Mayor exercises the power to appoint trustees subject to the consent of the City Council, the Board of Trustees of the Library shall consist of the five members of the City Council of the City of Mt. Shasta, and such Council members shall serve for a term of three years or until the expiration of their respective terms as Council members; provided, however, that in the first year, one Council member shall serve until the expiration of the current fiscal year, two shall serve until one year thereafter, and two shall serve until one year thereafter, to be determined by lot or mutual agreement. City Council meetings shall also be deemed to be meetings of the Library Board of Trustees, if any library business need be conducted, unless a separate Board of Trustees is appointed, in which case they shall serve and meet separately and according to law. (Ord. CCO-95-07, 1995)

19.02.030 Operations – Funding.

The extent of funding, if any, of the operations of the library created by this chapter shall vest in the sole budgetary discretion of the City Council. (Ord. CCO-95-07, 1995)