Chapter 12.62


12.62.010    Permit for Temporary Street Closure.

12.62.020    Permit Applications.

12.62.030    Issuance of Permit.

12.62.040    Appeal and Call for Review.

12.62.050    Opening of Temporarily Closed Streets.

12.62.010 Permit for Temporary Street Closure.

No person shall temporarily close any portion of a public street or alley to vehicular or pedestrian traffic for the purpose of conducting a street dance, neighborhood party, commercial promotional activity or special event, storage of construction materials, storage of construction equipment or for any other purposes without first obtaining a permit from the City Manager as hereinafter provided. The requirements of this chapter shall not be applicable to governmental agencies. (Ord. 85-2 § 1, 1985: Ord. 1748 § 1, 1977: Ord. 1271 § 1 (part), 1968)

12.62.020 Permit Applications.

Applications for street closure permits shall be filed with the City Manager on forms which shall contain the following information:

A.    The name, address and telephone number of the sponsoring individual or organization.

B.    The exact location of the street or alley which applicant requests permission to close.

C.    The date and hours for which the permit is requested.

D.    The purpose of the activity or special event.

E.    An application fee as established by resolution of the City Council.

F.    Such other information as the City Manager may require in order to evaluate the application. (Ord. 87-30 § 1, 1987: Ord. 1271 § 1 (part), 1968)

12.62.030 Issuance of Permit.

The City Manager may issue a permit if he determines that the granting of the application for the time and location requested will not unreasonably inconvenience the public, create unusual traffic or policing problems, or interfere with the peace and quiet of the surrounding neighborhood. If the City Manager determines not to issue a permit, he may either deny the same or refer the application to the City Council for a decision. The City Manager shall notify the applicant in writing by personal service or by certified mail of his decision and of his right to appeal said decision to the City Council.

If the City Manager issues a permit, he may impose such conditions in connection with its issuance as he deems reasonably necessary to insure that the activity or special event will be conducted in an orderly manner with a minimum of inconvenience to the public. In addition, the City Manager may require that the permittee provide:

A.    Liability insurance for the protection of the public which names the City as an additional insured with specified minimum liability amounts to be determined by the City Manager.

B.    Cash deposit to be used to reimburse the City for all extraordinary costs resulting from the activity or special event, such as placing and removing barricades, extra traffic control or police protection, and street sweeping and cleanup. (Ord. 1271 § 1 (part), 1968)

12.62.040 Appeal and Call for Review.

If an applicant is aggrieved by any action or failure to act upon the part of the City Manager in issuing, failing to issue, suspending or revoking any permit under this chapter, such applicant may appeal to the City Council by filing with the City Clerk a statement addressed to the City Council setting forth the facts and circumstances regarding the action or failure to act on the part of the City Manager. A member of the City Council, in their official capacity, may call for review any action of the City Manager in issuing, failing to issue, suspending, or revoking any permit under this chapter for the purpose of bringing the matter in front of the entire body for review. A call for review shall be filed with the City Clerk on a form provided by the Clerk. The City Clerk shall notify the applicant in writing by certified mail of the time and place set for hearing his appeal or call for review. The City Council at its next regular meeting held not less than five days from the date on which such appeal or call for review shall have been filed with the City Clerk shall hear the applicant, the City Manager, and all relevant evidence. The City Council may sustain, overrule or modify the action of the City Manager, and the decision of the City Council shall be final.

The right to appeal or call an item for review regarding the denial, suspension or revocation of any permit required by this chapter shall terminate upon the expiration of fifteen (15) days following the deposit of a certified letter in the United States Post Office advising the applicant of the action of the City Manager and of his right to appeal such action to the City Council. (Ord. 2015-9 § 17, 2015: Ord. 1271 § 1 (part), 1968)

12.62.050 Opening of Temporarily Closed Streets.

Should any portion of a public street or alley be improperly closed to vehicular or pedestrian traffic without a properly issued permit or should a street or alley remain temporarily closed after the expiration of a lawfully issued permit, the City may remove, or cause to be removed, any obstruction, material, container or other item causing the public street or alley to be temporarily closed. The cost of removal shall be borne by the person permitting or causing the obstruction, material or container to be placed upon the public street or alley so as to temporarily close a portion thereof. Prior to removal of any such item by the City, the City shall notify the owner of said item that the City intends to remove the same within three days of the date of service of notice to the owner to remove. Thereafter, the City may remove, or cause to be removed, any such item which is improperly placed or left remaining on a public street or alley and bill the owner or person causing the placement thereof. In the event the placement and storage of said item creates an immediate and substantial threat to public health, safety and welfare and it is impractical to serve the notice as provided hereinabove, the City may forthwith cause the removal of the same and the owner thereof shall be liable to pay the cost of removal to the City upon billing. (Ord. 1748 § 2, 1977)