Chapter 21.68


21.68.010    Purpose.

21.68.020    Permits and Approvals.

21.68.050    Legal Remedies.

21.68.010 Purpose.

This chapter establishes provisions that are intended to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Implementation Plan and any conditions of a permit or approval. However, nothing contained within this chapter shall prohibit the City from taking or initiating any other enforcement actions as provided for by this Implementation Plan or other applicable law. (Ord. 2016-19 § 9 (Exh. A)(part), 2016)

21.68.020 Permits and Approvals.

A.    Compliance with Implementation Plan. All departments, officials, and employees of the City who are assigned the authority or duty to issue approvals or permits shall only do so in compliance with the provisions of this Implementation Plan.

B.    Permits Deemed Void. An approval or permit issued in conflict with the provisions of this Implementation Plan shall be deemed void. (Ord. 2016-19 § 9 (Exh. A)(part), 2016)

21.68.050 Legal Remedies.

The City may choose to undertake any one or all of the following actions to correct and/or abate any violations of this Implementation Plan:

A.    Code Enforcement. The City may use any or all of the code enforcement provisions specified in Title 1.

B.    Revocations or Changes. Any real property found to be used, maintained, or allowed to exist in violation of any permit(s) approved by the City may subject the permit to revocation or change proceedings.

1.    Revocations. The City’s action to revoke a permit shall have the effect of terminating the permit and disapproving the privileges granted by the original approval.

2.     Changes. The City’s action to change or add any conditions attached to a permit instead of revoking it may include any aspect of the project, including buffers, duration of the permit or entitlement, hours of operation, landscaping and maintenance, lighting, parking, performance guarantees, property maintenance, signs, surfacing, traffic circulation, or any other aspect/condition determined to be necessary to ensure that the permit or variance is operated or implemented in a manner consistent with the original findings for approval.

C.     Enforcement Pursuant to the Coastal Act. In addition to the enforcement provisions contained in this chapter, the provisions of Chapter 9 of Division 20 of the Public Resources Code shall also apply with respect to violations and enforcement and the City and the Commission shall have the enforcement powers described therein. (Ord. 2016-19 § 9 (Exh. A)(part), 2016)