Chapter 6.80


6.80.010    Application of chapter.

6.80.020    Permit requirement--Fees.

6.80.030    Closing pool or bathhouse.

6.80.040    Plans to construct pool or bathhouse--Submission to health officer.

6.80.050    Refund of fee for pool or bathhouse at trailer.

6.80.010 Application of chapter.

This chapter shall apply to all public and semipublic swimming pools and bath-houses which are artificial in construction, and related locker, shower and dressing rooms, including commercial pools, real estate and community pools, pools in hotels, resorts, auto camps, apartments, clubs, and in private and public schools and other institutions, whether or not an admission fee is charged. This chapter does not apply to private pools maintained by an individual at his residence for the use of his family and friends. (Ord. 8 Sec. 2 (County Ord. 465 Sec. 1), 1964)

6.80.020 Permit requirement--Fees.

No person shall operate a public or semipublic swimming pool or bathhouse without obtaining a permit from the health officer. A permit for a period not exceeding twelve months shall be issued upon payment of a fee of twenty-five dollars, except that for such pool or bathhouse on the premises of a licensed trailer park and operated as part thereof, the permit shall be issued without fee. A permit for a period of six months or less shall be issued upon payment of a fee of fifteen dollars. If a permit is applied for more than thirty days after such permit is required, the fee shall be increased by twenty percent. A swimming pool or bathhouse operated by a public district shall be fee exempt, but a permit shall be obtained. (Ord. 8 Sec. 2 (County Ords. 465.1 Sec. 1: 465 Sec. 2), 1964)

6.80.030 Closing pool or bathhouse.

Any public or semipublic swimming pool or bathhouse that is operating without a permit, or in violation of the sanitation, safety and cleanliness requirements of the Health and Safety code and the California Administrative code, shall be closed by the health officer upon written notice to the owner or operator specifying the violations. It shall not be reopened until inspected and determined by the health officer to be meeting these requirements.

A daily record of the operation of the pool shall be kept by the owner or operator on forms supplied by the health officer. The record shall be transmitted to the health officer at the close of each calendar month of operation. (Ord. 8 Sec. 2 (County Ord. 465 Sec. 3), 1964)

6.80.040 Plans to construct pool or bathhouse--Submission to health officer.

Every person proposing to construct a public or semipublic swimming pool or bathhouse, or related locker, shower or dressing room, shall submit the plans and specifications to the health officer for his approval prior to construction. The health officer shall check the plans for compliance with the regulations of the California Administrative Code, and shall file with the State Board of Public Health, notice of approval of the plans, or of their rejection with the reasons for the rejection. A building permit shall not be issued without the approval of the health officer. (Ord. 8 Sec. 2 (County Ord. 465 Sec. 4), 1964)

6.80.050 Refund of fee for pool or bathhouse at trailer.

As to any swimming pool or bathhouse so operated at a trailer park for which a fee shall have been paid prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter, the same shall be refunded to the permittee upon request of or approval by the health officer, or upon claim filed within the time allowed by law. (Ord. 8 Sec. 2 (County Ord. 465a Sec. 2, 1964)