Chapter 18.17


18.17.02    Intent and Purpose.

18.17.04    Sub-Zones of the R-3 Zone.

18.17.06    Permitted Uses.

18.17.08    Uses Which May Be Permitted by Conditional Use Permit.

18.17.10    Lot Area.

18.17.12    Lot Dimensions.

18.17.14    Lot Area Per Dwelling Unit.

18.17.16    Yard Spaces.

18.17.18    Permitted Heights.

18.17.20    Permitted Coverage.

18.17.22    Distance Between Buildings.

18.17.24    Walls, Fences and Structures in the Setback Areas.

18.17.26    Off-Street Parking.

18.17.28    Size of Dwellings.

18.17.30    Air Conditioning Equipment.

18.17.32    Signs.

18.17.34    Trash Areas.

18.17.36    Usable Open Space.

18.17.38    Site Plan Review.

18.17.40    Architectural Review.

18.17.42    Lighting.

18.17.44    Ministerial Approval. Added Ord. 1080

18.17.02 Intent and Purpose.

This zone is intended to provide for the development of low-density multiple-family residential living areas compatible with the rural environment and outdoor recreation potential of the community. Such areas are envisioned as being so located and designed as to be complementary to adjacent activities and at the same time provide suitable space for those who prefer and/or need multiple-family living quarters. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.04 Sub-Zones of the R-3 Zone.

This zone shall be separated into sub-zones to delineate maximum dwelling units per acre. The sub-zone shall be identified by a numerical suffix after the “R-3” designation on the zoning map; and each and every area zoned R-3 in the City of Norco shall have a numerical suffix appended thereto. Said numerical suffixes shall designate the maximum number of units permitted per each net acre of land, exclusive of future rights-of-way, private or public vehicular, equestrian or pedestrian, easements, or other encumbrances on the land. For example:

R-3-6 = A maximum of six dwelling units per net acre;

R-3-8 = A maximum of eight dwelling units per net acre;

In no event shall more than eight dwelling units per net acre be permitted. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.06 Permitted Uses.

The following uses are permitted and land shall be used and buildings and structures shall hereafter be erected, altered, enlarged, or otherwise modified for the following uses only:

A.    Reserved.

B.    Multiple-family dwelling units.

C.    Public parks and playgrounds.

D.    Accessory buildings and uses:

1.    Private garages to accommodate not more than four vehicles per unit residing on the premises;

2.    Cabanas, pergolas, laundry rooms, recreation rooms, and similar structures intended entirely for the use of persons residing on the premises;

3.    Home occupation, as defined in Section 18.02.04(31) and subject to conformance to the criteria for home occupations provided in Chapter 18.32 and all the provisions thereof.

E.    Small family day care homes, large family day care homes under certain conditions, residential care facilities for the elderly serving six or fewer persons, residential facilities as defined by Health and Safety Code Section 1502(a)(1), serving six or fewer persons and homes for mentally or physically handicapped persons or dependent and neglected children serving six or fewer persons.

F.    Other similar uses permitted by Commission determination, in accordance with Chapter 18.42 (Similar Uses Permitted by Commission Determination).

G.    Shoeing horses, if said use is not being conducted at a fixed place of business, which is being operated wholly or partially for farrier purposes.

H.    Supportive housing as defined in Chapter 18.02.

I.    Transitional housing as defined in Chapter 18.02.

J.    Single-resident occupancy as defined in Chapter 18.02 and regulated by Section 18.66.06. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021; Ord. 969 Sec. 1, 2014; Ord. 836 Sec. 18, 2005; Ord. 471 Sec. 8, 1982; Ord. 306 Sec. 7, 1974; Ord. 277 Sec. 2 (part), 1974)

18.17.08 Uses Which May Be Permitted by Conditional Use Permit.

The following uses may be permitted, subject to the approval of a conditional use permit as provided in Chapter 18.45 (Conditional Use Permits):

A.    Public schools.

B.    Private schools providing education as required under the California State Education Code.

C.    Day nurseries or nursery schools.

D.    Public golf courses, tennis clubs, swimming clubs and other similar recreational facilities.

E.    Restaurants, cocktail lounges, and other related facilities only when associated with a golf course, tennis club, or other recreational facility. In granting a permit for such activities, the Planning Commission shall ensure, through the imposition of appropriate conditions, that no interference with the conduct of nearby residential uses occurs.

F.    Churches, temples or other places used exclusively for religious worship.

G.    Public utility uses, both publicly and privately owned.

H.    Governmental and civic uses.

I.    Hospitals, sanitariums, convalescent and rest homes.

J.    Mobile home parks.

K.    Planned residential developments may be approved if a PD Overlay Zone has been applied for pursuant to Chapter 18.27. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.10 Lot Area.

All lots hereafter created in this zone shall contain a minimum of 30,000 square feet and no lot in this district shall be reduced below this standard. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.12 Lot Dimensions.

All lots shall maintain the following minimum standards and no lot shall be created which does not satisfy these standards:



Minimum width of 100 feet.


Cul-de-Sac Lots:

Minimum average width of 100 feet and minimum frontage of not less than 50 feet.



Minimum depth of 100 feet. Lots fronting on a street identified on the General Plan as an arterial or collector, a minimum depth of 125 feet.

(Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.14 Lot Area Per Dwelling Unit.

The required lot area per dwelling unit shall be governed by the density suffix applicable to the subject property, and shall be computed by multiplying the net acreage (or portion thereof) of the property by the density suffix. In no event shall less than 5,445 square feet of lot area per dwelling unit be provided. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.16 Yard Spaces.

Subject to Section 18.17.24, the following shall apply:

A.    Front Yard. Minimum of 25 feet from the right-of-way line as determined by the Master Plan of streets and highways.

B.    Side and Rear Yards. No portion of any roofed building or structure, regardless of the type occupancy, shall be located closer to any side or rear property line than a distance equal to one-half of a dimension that shall be measured from the highest point of a finished grade along the perimeter of the building or structure, to the uppermost portion of the building; provided, however, on the street side of any building or structure, the structure or building shall be located not less than 10 feet from the street side property line. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.18 Permitted Heights.

Buildings and other structures erected in this district shall have a maximum height of two and one-half stories or 35 feet, whichever is less. Accessory buildings shall have a maximum height of one story or 15 feet, whichever is less. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.20 Permitted Coverage.

The maximum lot coverage of all structures shall not be more than 60 percent of the total lot area. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021; Ord. 741 Sec. 5, 1998)

18.17.22 Distance Between Buildings.

A.    If two or more one story buildings exist on the same lot, the distance between each of said buildings shall be at least 16 feet measured at ground level grade between the exterior walls of said buildings; and

B.    If a one story building and one or more two story buildings exist on the same lot, the distance between said buildings shall be at least 20 feet measured at ground level between the exterior walls of said buildings;

C.    If two or more two story buildings are located on the same lot, the distance between said buildings shall be 25 feet measured at ground level grade between the exterior walls of said buildings. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.24 Walls, Fences and Structures in the Setback Areas.

The provisions of Section 18.31.08 (Yard Requirements--Walls, Fences, and Structures in Setback Areas) shall apply. In addition, when a lot is used for any purpose other than a single-family dwelling unit and abuts a lot zoned for R-1 or A-1 purposes, a masonry wall six feet in height shall be erected and maintained along the abutting lot line, except where abutting the required front yard of said adjacent R-1 or A-1 zoned lot. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.26 Off-Street Parking.

The provisions of Chapter 18.38 (General Provisions—Off-Street Parking and Loading) shall apply. Parking requirements for studio and one-bedroom units will be one and one-half spaces per unit, one of which shall be covered. No required front or corner side yard shall be used for parking. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.28 Size of Dwellings.

Each dwelling unit shall have a floor area not less than 750 square feet, exclusive of open porches and private garages. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.30 Air Conditioning Equipment.

All air conditioning equipment shall be designed and located so as to transmit no noise or vibration to adjacent properties, insofar as practicable. Furthermore, such equipment shall be screened from view from adjacent properties or public streets by use of landscaped screens, walls, or other devices; and such screening shall consider the view of air-conditioning equipment from adjacent multi-story buildings. Determination of the adequacy of screening shall be made at the time of site plan review. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.32 Signs.

The provisions of Chapter 18.37 (Signs) shall apply. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.34 Trash Areas.

A special trash pickup area shall be provided for each dwelling unit at a location and of a certain size as established after site plan review and approval. Said trash area and any areas for laundry drying shall be completely enclosed by a wall not less than six feet in height, and shall be roofed in such a manner as to prevent flies from entering the enclosure. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.36 Usable Open Space.

Each lot or parcel of land in the R-3 Zone shall provide on the same lot or parcel of land 600 square feet of usable open space, as hereinafter defined, per dwelling unit, plus an additional 200 square feet of usable open space, as hereinafter defined, for each sleeping room (bedroom) over one in said dwelling unit.

“Usable open space,” for the purpose of this section, means an open area or recreational facility which is designed and intended to be used for outdoor living and/or recreation. An area of common usable open space shall not exceed a grade of 10 percent, shall have a minimum dimension of at least 10 feet, and may include landscaping, walks, recreational facilities, and decorative objects such as artwork and fountains. Swimming pools, developed and equipped children’s play areas, and the usable portions of recreational buildings may be counted on a three to one basis in meeting this requirement. Up to one-half of the requirement for each unit may be provided in a private patio or balcony having direct access from the unit, a minimum dimension of five feet, and a minimum area of 100 square feet. Usable open space shall not include any portion of off-street parking space, driveways, turn-around areas, roof tops, required front yards or required side yards on any street side of a corner lot, or any accessory building except those portions of any accessory building used for recreational purposes. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.38 Site Plan Review.

The provisions of Chapter 18.40 (Site Plan Review) shall apply. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.40 Architectural Review.

The provisions of Chapter 18.41 (Architectural Review) shall apply. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.42 Lighting.

Outdoor lighting shall be provided and maintained for all off-street parking and entrance ways for a dwelling unit as required by the City after site plan review and approval. (Ord. 1073 Sec. 1 (Att. B), 2021)

18.17.44 Ministerial Approval. Added Ord. 1080