1.8.002 Appeal Procedure When Not Specified.

Any person excepting to the denial, suspension or revocation of a permit or license applied for or held by him/her pursuant to this Code or any City ordinance, or to any administrative decision made by any official of the City pursuant to this Code or any City ordinance may appeal to the City Manager or City Council, as the case may be, when the right to appeal is specifically so provided in this Code or City ordinance by reference to this section, by filing a written notice of appeal with the City Clerk, setting forth the specific grounds thereof.

1.8.004 Time Period for Appeal When Not Specified.

Notice of such appeal shall be filed with the City Clerk within 14 calendar days after the date written notice of such action appealed from was mailed or personally delivered to the appellant, but in no event later than 20 calendar days after the date of such action.

1.8.006 Notice and Hearing.

The City Clerk shall forthwith set a date for hearing before either the City Council or City Manager, as the case may be, and shall give the appellant at least five calendar days notice of the time and place of said hearing.

1.8.008 Final Decision.

At such hearing the appellant shall show cause on the grounds specified in the notice of appeal why the action excepted to should not be approved. The City Manager or City Council, as the case may be, may continue the hearing from time to time. The findings on the appeal shall be final and conclusive in the matter.

1.8.010 Judicial Review of Administrative Decision.

Any interested person seeking judicial review pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) Section 1094.5 of any final decision, as defined in CCP Section 1094.6(e), of the City Council or any boards, commissions, officers, agents or employees of the City empowered to make such decisions may do so only if the petition for writ of mandate pursuant to CCP Section 1094.5 is filed within the time limits specified in CCP Section 1094.6.