Chapter 3.04



3.04.010    Purpose.

3.04.020    Vacancy – Nomination by council.

3.04.030    Vacancy – Interviews.

3.04.040    Refusal of appointment.

3.04.050    Cause for removal.

3.04.060    Maximum number of members.

3.04.070    Termination of ad hoc committees.

3.04.080    Required votes for actions of other bodies.

3.04.090    Staff advisory committees.

3.04.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish the council’s policy and procedures for instituting boards, committees and commissions not otherwise provided for in the charter or this code. [Ord. 01-07 § 3, 2001].

3.04.020 Vacancy – Nomination by council.

Prior to submitting any nomination to fill a vacancy in such board, committee or commission, the mayor shall give written notice to members of the council of the vacancy so as to afford at least 14 days for consultation and consideration of any nomination which any councilmember may wish to make. Consultation shall not be required for any councilmember who remains unavailable during the 14-day period or who fails to notify the mayor in writing of a reasonable time and place for consultation within the city. Prior to November 1st of each year, the city clerk shall cause to be published, one time in the city’s official newspaper, all vacancies which occur on the boards, committees or commissions on the following January 31st, and inviting interested residents to apply. [Ord. 01-07 § 3, 2001].

3.04.030 Vacancy – Interviews.

Within five days after the 14-day period, the mayor or any three councilmembers may request that all nominees and persons interested in the position submit themselves for interview before the council at a regular or special meeting of the council, or at a study session specified in the request. The time for the interview shall be not less than five nor more than 14 days after the request. [Ord. 01-07 § 3, 2001].

3.04.040 Refusal of appointment.

The council may refuse to consider the confirmation of any appointment by the mayor to such boards, committees or commissions until the procedures of this chapter have been complied with. However, nothing contained in this section shall prevent the council from waiving the requirements of this chapter where good cause or necessity require such, or reasonable efforts to consult and consider have otherwise been had. The council shall be the exclusive judge of whether or not the procedures of this chapter should be waived or have been complied with in good faith. [Ord. 01-07 § 3, 2001].

3.04.050 Cause for removal.

Unexcused absence from three consecutive regular meetings may be considered as cause for removal by the council. [Ord. 01-07 § 3, 2001].

3.04.060 Maximum number of members.

The maximum number of members of any board, committee or commission established by the council shall be seven. Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, the council may establish an economic advisory committee with a maximum of 10 members. [Ord. 01-07 § 3, 2001].

3.04.070 Termination of ad hoc committees.

In the event the council establishes an ad hoc committee to address specific issues, the council shall, at the time the committee is established, provide for a termination date upon which the committee will cease to exist. The council may, at its discretion, provide for extensions of time for the term of such ad hoc committees, but in no event shall an extension be given by the council without the establishment of a new termination date for the committee. [Ord. 01-07 § 3, 2001].

3.04.080 Required votes for actions of other bodies.

An affirmative vote of a majority of the appointed members of the board, committee, or commission shall be required for any action by the board, committee, or commission. [Ord. 15-006 § 3, 2015; Ord. 02-30 § 1, 2002].

3.04.090 Staff advisory committees.

The city manager shall form staff advisory committees, and appoint and remove their members as needed, to meet the requirements of the city. Such committees shall include, but not be limited to, a loan committee whose functions would include the review of loan applications submitted in conjunction with the city’s rehabilitation loan program to ensure adherence to council-approved guidelines and an ADA compliance advisory committee whose functions would include (a) monitoring city facility and property compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), (b) assistance in development of information, services and programs to serve individuals with disabilities in accord with the ADA, (c) advising the city on matters related to reasonable accommodations and accessibility specific to city services, programs and properties in accord with the ADA. [Ord. 10-005 § 3, 2010].