Chapter 3.42


3.42.010    Creation – Membership.

3.42.020    Member qualifications.

3.42.030    Terms designated.

3.42.040    Removal of members.

3.42.050    Selection of officers.

3.42.060    Meetings – Brown Act compliance.

3.42.070    Powers and duties.

3.42.010 Creation – Membership.

A golf links advisory commission for the city of Pacific Grove is created. The commission shall consist of seven voting members appointed by the mayor and approved by the council, as follows:

(a) One member from each of the three golf clubs at the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course (golf club, senior men’s club, women’s golf club), recommended by each club to the mayor.

(b) Three at-large members who are Pacific Grove residents not affiliated with any of the three Pacific Grove golf clubs.

(c) One business owner or manager from a member of the Pacific Grove chamber of commerce or the hospitality improvement district who is not affiliated with any of the three Pacific Grove golf clubs.

If, for any reason, a person in one of the above categories is not available to serve, the mayor may appoint a person who meets the general qualifications as stated in PGMC 3.42.020. [Ord. 14-021 § 3, 2014].

3.42.020 Member qualifications.

The members of the commission shall be residents of the city of Pacific Grove (except the three golf club members and the chamber/hospitality representative, who need not be Pacific Grove residents) and shall have an interest in the game of golf and/or the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course. [Ord. 19-013 § 2, 2019; Ord. 14-021 § 3, 2014].

3.42.030 Terms designated.

All members shall serve for a two-year term. Four of the members shall be appointed for terms ending on January 31st in even-numbered years, and three members for terms ending on January 31st in odd-numbered years. [Ord. 14-021 § 3, 2014].

3.42.040 Removal of members.

A member may be removed from the commission prior to the expiration of his or her term by a majority vote of the council. Any member who absents himself or herself from two consecutive regular meetings, without cause or approval by the commission, shall be automatically removed. [Ord. 14-021 § 3, 2014].

3.42.050 Selection of officers.

Voting members of the commission shall select one of their members to be chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary for a one-year term, each such officer to be selected and the term to commence at the first meeting in February. [Ord. 14-021 § 3, 2014].

3.42.060 Meetings – Brown Act compliance.

All meetings of the commission shall be open to the public. The commission shall hold regular meetings no more frequently than once a month and shall establish its own rules for the frequency, time, and place of meetings, and to govern its procedures. The Ralph M. Brown Act shall apply to all proceedings of the commission. [Ord. 14-021 § 3, 2014].

3.42.070 Powers and duties.

The commission shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) Advise the council, city manager, and the course operator(s) on the management, operation, and maintenance of the golf links, based on reports from the operator(s) and staff, input from golfers and the community, industry trends, and independent observation and analyses;

(b) Recommend to the city council adoption of such laws, rules, and regulations as necessary for the benefit of the golf links;

(c) Recommend actions to enhance the ability of the golf links to benefit the city, its citizens, visitors, and the natural environment;

(d) Serve as an informational conduit between the public, the city, and the course operator(s) on matters related to the golf links;

(e) Advocate on behalf of, and serve as an ambassador for, the golf links, with golfers, neighbors of the course, other courses, the golf industry, and regional and state regulatory bodies (including the California Coastal Commission);

(f) Coordinate activities with appropriate city advisory boards, commissions, and committees on matters of mutual interest;

(g) Support volunteer efforts requested by the course operator(s) or the city for the benefit of the golf links; and

(h) Perform other duties relating to the golf links as the council may request by ordinance, resolution, or minute action. [Ord. 14-021 § 3, 2014].