Title 6


6.02    Fee and Service Charge Revenue/Cost Comparison System

6.04    Tax Collection

6.06    Uniform Claims Presentation

6.07    Transactions and Use Tax

6.08    Uniform Sales and Use Tax

6.09    Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax

6.10    Telephone, Gas, Electricity and Television Cable Users Tax

6.11    Time-Share Tax in Lieu of Transient Occupancy Tax

6.12    Regional Development Impact Fee

6.14    Change and Petty Cash Funds

6.16    Special Gas Tax Improvement Fund

6.18    Interfund Loans

6.20    Warrants

6.24    Workers’ Compensation Fund

6.28    Fire Department Emergency Equipment Fund

6.32    Book Fund

6.40    Property/Liability Insurance Fund and Special Equipment Sinking Fund

6.50    Downtown Pacific Grove Business District

6.54    Pacific Grove Hospitality Improvement District


    For provisions regarding business licenses, see PGMC Title 7. For provisions regarding endowment care fund, see PGMC 14.16.200. For provisions regarding purchasing system, see Chapter 2.20 PGMC. For provisions regarding sewer fund, see PGMC 9.20.170.