Chapter 6.32


6.32.010    Created.

6.32.020    Use.

6.32.030    Effect on other appropriations.

6.32.010 Created.

There is established a special fund to be designated the book fund, for purposes of receiving gifts in the form of cash contributions from the public which are given specially for the purposes of the fund. [Ord. 1186 N.S. § 1, 1980].

6.32.020 Use.

The book fund shall be restricted to use for purchases for the city library of library books, periodicals, pamphlets, films, recordings, slides, art prints, microfilm and other materials peculiar to use in the library, including an equitable charge for administrative overhead in administering the fund. [Ord. 1186 N.S. § 2, 1980].

6.32.030 Effect on other appropriations.

Nothing contained in this chapter is intended to limit the council’s discretion and control in respect to the budgeting and expenditure of funds for the library from the general fund. [Ord. 1186 N.S. § 3, 1980].