Chapter 7.12


7.12.010    License required – Application.

7.12.020    License issued – Conditions.

7.12.010 License required – Application.

No person, club, society, firm or corporation shall engage in conducting a public dance within the city without first having obtained a license therefor in the following manner:

A written application therefor shall be filed with the city manager giving the name of the individual or organization seeking such license, the place where it is to be used, and a statement that all provisions of this chapter shall be complied with. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 8-2040, 1952].

7.12.020 License issued – Conditions.

(a) Issuance. If, upon investigation, the city manager decides the applicant is entitled to a license, one shall be issued, but it shall not be assignable, and shall be good only for the period stated on the license, and is revocable at any time.

(b) Closing Hours. The license, if issued, shall state the closing hour of such dance.

(c) Conditions. Any license so issued shall automatically subject the holder thereof to the following conditions:

(1) All laws of the city and state shall be observed.

(2) Any police officer of the city, county or state shall have free access to the licensed place at all times.

(3) No intoxicated person shall be admitted or allowed to remain on said premises.

(4) Said place shall be run in an orderly manner. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 8-2040, 1952].