Chapter 10.10


10.10.010    Prohibited – Where – Exceptions.

10.10.010 Prohibited – Where – Exceptions.

(a) It is unlawful for any person to feed or offer food to any animal, or to scatter food, seed or other forms of matter attractive to animals on any public way, street, park or public property, or within 100 feet of any body of water or coastline, in the city, or on any property in such city of which such person is not lawfully possessed.

(b) It is unlawful for any person to feed, offer food, or in any manner provide food as sustenance or to encourage domesticity, to any nonhousehold animal, including but not limited to raccoons, deer, squirrels, or birds, on private and public property, including any public way, street, or park, within city limits subject to the following exceptions:

(1) Bird feeders on private property shall be allowed;

(2) Nonhousehold animals may be maintained, treated or fed temporarily pursuant to a valid certificate or permit issued by the federal or state government; and

(3) Nonhousehold animals may be fed as necessary due to injury or illness between the time of notification to humane personnel to pick up such wildlife and the time of pickup.

(c) Garbage, refuse and trash shall be disposed of in covered waste containers including dumpsters that are tamperproof and emptied regularly. Any such container found disrupted by animals shall be the responsibility of the property owner pursuant to PGMC 9.16.040.

(d) Any violation of this section shall constitute an infraction, and may be enforced pursuant to Chapter 1.16 or 1.19 PGMC. [Ord. 17-010 § 3, 2017; Ord. 08-006 § 26, 2008; Ord. 1795 N.S. § 1, 1991].


    Prior ordinance history: Ords. 587 N.S., 669 N.S., 833 N.S., 1415 N.S. and 1480 N.S.