Chapter 10.14


10.14.010    Trapping regulation.

10.14.020    Exceptions.

10.14.030    Reporting regulation.

10.14.040    Procedures following capture.

10.14.050    Costs.

10.14.010 Trapping regulation.

It is unlawful for any person to trap or capture, by means of mechanical trap or by any other means, on public or private property, any domesticated cat, except as provided in PGMC 10.14.020. [Ord. 1486 N.S. § 1, 1985].

10.14.020 Exceptions.

The provisions of PGMC 10.14.010 shall not apply to the following:

(a) Trapping or capturing by an employee or agent of the city of Pacific Grove acting within the scope and authority of his or her duties.

(b) Trapping or capturing by any person when necessary to prevent the trapped or captured cat from causing property damage or personal injury, or to prevent injury to the cat itself. [Ord. 1486 N.S. § 1, 1985].

10.14.030 Reporting regulation.

Any person setting or maintaining a mechanical trap or any other device to trap or capture a domesticated cat shall immediately upon setting or maintaining same report the trap or other device to the police department. The following rules shall apply to the setting or maintaining of such traps and devices, and any person making the report required hereby shall, on a form provided by the city, acknowledge and agree to the following:

(a) Traps and devices for capture or trapping of cats shall be allowed only under the exception set out in PGMC 10.14.020(b).

(b) Traps and devices shall be constructed, set and maintained such that animals trapped will suffer no pain or injury and such that they will not be deprived of necessary food and water.

(c) To the extent possible, if bait is utilized in such traps and devices it shall be utilized so as not to attract or entice cats from areas beyond the property of the person setting or maintaining same.

(d) No traps or devices shall be set or maintained on public property. [Ord. 1486 N.S. § 1, 1985].

10.14.040 Procedures following capture.

In the event of capture or trapping of a domesticated cat, by mechanical trap, other device or by any other means, the person so trapping or capturing shall proceed as follows:

(a) If the owner of the cat is known to such person, the owner shall be notified by the most immediate means available and shall be given an opportunity to retrieve the cat. If the owner retrieves the cat, the capturing party shall notify the city of Pacific Grove police of the capture and the identity of the owner.

(b) In the event the owner of the cat is not known or cannot be reached, or in the event the owner, having been informed of the capture, does not respond within 24 hours, the capturing party shall notify the city of Pacific Grove police. The capturing party shall feed, water and provide for other needs of the captured cat until the police respond to take possession of the cat. [Ord. 1486 N.S. § 1, 1985].

10.14.050 Costs.

No provision is made by this chapter for payment of costs to a person capturing a cat. It shall be unlawful to refuse to turn over a captured cat to its owner for failure to pay costs or for any other reason. Nothing herein shall be construed, however, to prevent any person from pursuing all available legal remedies for damages or costs incurred. [Ord. 1486 N.S. § 1, 1985].