Chapter 11.32


11.32.010    Goods, stands, etc., prohibited – Exceptions.

11.32.010 Goods, stands, etc., prohibited – Exceptions.

(a) It is unlawful for any person to place or cause to be placed upon any public street, alley or sidewalk, any rack, sign, stand, or any materials or goods, with the exception of signs approved pursuant to PGMC Title 20. Goods or merchandise, while being received or removed, and materials used in the course of repairs or construction, may be permitted to remain immediately in front of the premises for which they are intended, providing not less than four feet of sidewalk and not less than two-thirds of the roadway are left unobstructed to traffic, and provided proper warning lights are maintained at night.

(b) Provided, however, that the city council may in the interest of public service grant exceptions to this section provided it does not constitute a public hazard or nuisance. [Ord. 13-023 § 3, 2013; Ord. 328 N.S., 1959; Ord. 210 N.S. § 8-3040, 1952].