Chapter 11.80


11.80.010    Findings.

11.80.020    Purpose.

11.80.030    Prohibition.

11.80.040    Zoning changes.

11.80.050    Effect of adoption.

11.80.010 Findings.

The city of Pacific Grove has long opposed efforts to open the Central California Coast to offshore oil drilling. Onshore support of offshore oil drilling would be detrimental to the economy and environment of the city and it is hereby found and determined that the effects of offshore oil and gas exploration and development would be as follows:

(a) If offshore oil and gas development occurs off the Pacific Grove coastline, significant new air pollution is inevitable. One drill ship produces approximately the same amount of air pollution as 23,000 cars driving 50 miles per day. Despite this fact, the federal government does not presently require that offshore oil and gas developments comply with state and local air pollution standards.

(b) Offshore oil development would inevitably result in the discharge of large volumes of highly toxic drilling muds into the ocean that would degrade the sensitive marine environment along the Pacific Grove coast and put all forms of marine life at risk and pose a threat to humans who may later consume the fish contaminated with accumulated toxic materials.

(c) Offshore oil development would put the existing local economy in jeopardy in the event of a spill, which could significantly and substantially interfere with the operation of local businesses.

(d) The coastal zone is subject to earthquake hazards. Geologic historic records indicate that earthquakes have been and will be accompanied by a surface rupture, ground shaking and ground failure. The location of oil and gas support facilities in this unstable area could result in an environmental disaster.

(e) Offshore drilling support facilities are and would be totally inconsistent with the economic base and existing established land uses in the city. [Ord. 1579 N.S., 1987].

11.80.020 Purpose.

It is the purpose of this chapter to prevent the city of Pacific Grove from becoming a logistical base for offshore drilling. [Ord. 1579 N.S., 1987].

11.80.030 Prohibition.

There shall be no construction, reconstruction, operation or maintenance of any facility within the city of Pacific Grove, including but not limited to, oil and gas storage facilities, pipe and drilling materials, or equipment repair or storage facilities, which operates directly in support of any offshore oil or gas explorations, development, drilling, pumping or production. And, there shall be established no construction, reconstruction or operation of facilities to process any oil or gas taken or removed from any offshore oil or gas drilling or pumping operations. [Ord. 1579 N.S., 1987].

11.80.040 Zoning changes.

In the event that proposals are made to modify city laws to accommodate facilities regulated by this chapter, the council shall refer said proposals to a vote of the people. [Ord. 1579 N.S., 1987].

11.80.050 Effect of adoption.

Adoption of this chapter does not amend or rescind any provisions of the city’s general plan, or local coastal program or zoning regulations, but does strengthen and define such consistent provisions. [Ord. 1579 N.S., 1987].