Chapter 11.84


11.84.010    Fireworks prohibited – Violation – Enforcement.

11.84.020    Exception.

11.84.010 Fireworks prohibited – Violation – Enforcement.

It is unlawful for any person to sell, discharge or use fireworks (as defined at Section 12511 of the California Health and Safety Code) within the city of Pacific Grove. A violation of this chapter shall be punishable as an infraction, and may be enforced pursuant to Chapter 1.16 PGMC. [Ord. 08-006 § 38, 2008; Ord. 1593 N.S. § 1, 1987].

11.84.020 Exception.

This chapter shall not be applicable to the discharge or use of fireworks by persons responsible for fireworks displays approved by the city council as part of a special event or community celebration. [Ord. 1593 N.S. § 1, 1987].