Chapter 12.30


12.30.010    Assessment of the Tree resources.

12.30.020    Construction impact analysis.

12.30.030    Repealed.

12.30.010 Assessment of the Tree resources.

All permit applications for designated Trees associated with Development shall be processed as a component of the community Development permit application, and through the appropriate Review Authority for the project. During the Development process, a Tree resource assessment shall be performed by a Qualified Professional, if deemed necessary by the city arborist, in accordance with the Urban Forestry Standards. This Qualified Professional will be designated the project arborist for the duration of the project. All costs associated with the project arborist shall be borne by the applicant.

The Development shall preserve, or mitigate for, the maximum number of Suitable individual Trees that exist on the site pre-Development in accordance with the desired canopy in Chapter 12.20 PGMC, and shall identify any designated Trees that would be Removed as a result of Development. Designated Trees shall be replaced as required by this title.

If replacement of designated Trees is not Feasible, a sum of money (an in-lieu fee), to be assessed at the time of a building permit, shall be deposited into the Community Tree Program Fund. The in-lieu fee amount for Trees Removed as a result of Development shall consider the value of the Tree using the most recent edition of the Guide for Plant Appraisal published by Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers or comparable guide established by the International Society of Arboriculture, the remaining canopy coverage on the property, and appropriate variation for individual situations as described in PGMC 12.20.090. [Ord. 13-013 § 3, 2013; Ord. 12-017 § 6, 2012].

12.30.020 Construction impact analysis.

Prior to issuance of a planning or building permit, the Project Arborist shall review grading, drainage, utility, building and landscape plans to determine impacts to individual Trees, as described in the Urban Forestry Standards. Conditions of approval, minimum Tree protection standards during construction, or other necessary mitigation requirements for designated Trees Removed due to construction impacts shall be determined.

All Critical Root Zone specifications recommended by the project arborist through review of planning or building permits shall be conditions of project approval and delineated on construction drawings for the building permit. [Ord. 13-013 § 3, 2013; Ord. 12-017 § 6, 2012].

12.30.030 Minimum Tree protection standards during construction.

Repealed by Ord. 13-013. [Ord. 12-017 § 6, 2012].