Chapter 14.12


14.12.010    Trespassing.

14.12.020    Injury to the turf.

14.12.030    Selling of golf balls, food, etc.

14.12.040    Rules and regulations – Authority to adopt – Violations.

14.12.010 Trespassing.

It is unlawful for any person to trespass upon the municipal golf links in the city, which are restricted to the exclusive use of the authorized golf players, authorized caddies and employees, and such other persons as may be permitted thereon by the regulations governing the use of property hereinafter provided for. [Ord. 08-019 § 2, 2008; Ord. 210 N.S. § 7-101, 1952].

14.12.020 Injury to the turf.

It is unlawful for any person willfully or maliciously to injure the turf of the golf links or in any way to destroy or injure property thereon or without permission from competent authority to remove such property or equipment from the premises. It is also unlawful to drive or park any vehicle on or over any part of the lands comprising the municipal golf links except at designated parking areas, or to park any vehicle on a portion of any street which is bordered on both sides by the golf links. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 7-102, 1952].

14.12.030 Selling of golf balls, food, etc.

It is unlawful for any person to take possession of golf balls, other than those belonging to himself from the links and the lands and streets adjacent thereto, or for any person to sell, or offer to sell thereon golf balls, golf equipment, food, drinks or other commodities except as may be provided by special concession from the city council.

It shall be the duty of all city employees to aid in the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 7-103, 1952].

14.12.040 Rules and regulations – Authority to adopt – Violations.

(a) By resolution, the city council may adopt regulatory rules governing the use and operation of the municipal golf links, so long as such rules are not in conflict with other provisions of this code. All rules so adopted shall have the same effect as if set out in this code, and shall be deemed to be acts prohibited under the terms of PGMC 1.16.010. Violations of any rule so adopted shall be an infraction, and may be enforced pursuant to Chapter 1.16 PGMC; provided, that any violator shall first be advised to refrain from the illegal activity. Subsequent violation of the same rule by a person so advised shall subject that person to prosecution.

(b) Violation of any rule so adopted shall also subject the violator to removal from the golf course and clubhouse, with or without advice to refrain first having been given, by order of the city manager. Orders to remove shall be for periods not to exceed six months. Provided, that removal orders for periods in excess of 15 days shall be appealable to the council pursuant to subsection (c) of this section. Notice of the right to appeal shall be given with any removal order for time in excess of 15 days. All other removal orders shall be final. Refusal to obey any order issued pursuant to this subsection shall be an infraction, and may be prosecuted pursuant to Chapter 1.16 PGMC.

(c) Appeal of an order to remove given pursuant to subsection (b) of this section shall be filed with the city clerk no later than the close of business on the fifth calendar day following the order. The hearing shall be set at the earliest convenient regular meeting following the filing of the appeal. At a hearing on appeal, evidence of the violation(s) shall be presented, subject to cross-examination by the alleged violator, and any relevant evidence to refute or mitigate the alleged violation(s) shall be heard and considered by the council. If at the conclusion of the hearing the council determines that any or all of the violations have occurred and that as a result there has been damage, detriment, disruption, or destruction to the course, the clubhouse, any public or private personal property at the course or the recreational ambiance of the golfing facilities, the council may either (1) sustain the removal, or (2) sustain the removal order and reduce the removal period. If the council determines that no violation has occurred, the removal order shall be rescinded. Violation of a removal order sustained by the council shall be an infraction, and may be prosecuted pursuant to Chapter 1.16 PGMC. [Ord. 08-006 § 55, 2008; Ord. 1822 N.S. § 1, 1992; Ord. 1505 N.S. § 1, 1985; Ord. 1383 N.S. § 1, 1984].