Chapter 15.20


15.20.010    Permit to construct, maintain – Required.

15.20.020    Construction to conform to plans and specifications.

15.20.030    Size for single, double – Number per site.

15.20.040    Distance from crosswalk.

15.20.050    Adjoining driveways – Safety space between.

15.20.060    Apron not to extend into street.

15.20.070    Alteration to conform – Procedure – Lien.

15.20.080    Variance.

15.20.090    Exemption.

15.20.010 Permit to construct, maintain – Required.

No person, firm or corporation shall construct or maintain, or cause to be constructed or maintained any driveway across any public sidewalk or curbing in the city of Pacific Grove without first obtaining a permit therefor from the city engineer. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 1, 1954].

15.20.020 Construction to conform to plans and specifications.

All construction of such driveways shall be done in a good and workmanlike manner and in conformity with the plans and specifications for such work on file in the office of the city clerk, and here referred to for further particulars. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 2, 1954].

15.20.030 Size for single, double – Number per site.

No driveway shall exceed 10 feet for a single driveway or 18 feet for a double driveway on streets 40 feet or more in width, and 12 feet for a single driveway or 20 feet for a double driveway on streets less than 40 feet in width. Only one driveway shall be permitted for any one building site, or for more than one building site when such building sites are in the same block and are used in the conduct of one business. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 3, 1954].

15.20.040 Distance from crosswalk.

In the construction of driveways no curbing shall be disturbed within four feet of the regular street crosswalk. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 4, 1954].

15.20.050 Adjoining driveways – Safety space between.

Where two or more adjoining driveways are provided for the same property, a safety island space of at least 20 feet measured along the outer or street edge of the sidewalk shall be provided between said driveways. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 5, 1954].

15.20.060 Apron not to extend into street.

No driveway apron shall extend out into the street further than the face of the curb, and under no circumstances shall such driveway apron extend into the gutter area. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 6, 1954].

15.20.070 Alteration to conform – Procedure – Lien.

Any existing driveway violating any of the provisions of PGMC 15.20.020 through 15.20.060 inclusive shall be altered to conform to said sections whenever in the judgment of the council the public interest, convenience or safety requires such alteration; provided, however, that the owner, or owners, of the premises affected shall be afforded an opportunity for a hearing prior to any such alteration or alterations being ordered by the council and at least five days’ notice of such hearing in writing, which shall be mailed to such owner, or owners, by the city clerk, postage prepaid, at the Post Office, Pacific Grove, California, addressed to such owner, or owners at their last known address, or in the event the same is unknown, to General Delivery, Pacific Grove, California, and a similar notice shall be posted on the property affected by the city engineer at least five days prior to such hearing. The failure of the clerk to mail such notice shall not, however, affect the jurisdiction of the council to order said work. Upon such hearing the council shall have jurisdiction to order the work done as noticed and the owner, or owners, shall have 10 days thereafter within which to commence said work and a reasonable time thereafter to complete the same. In the event that said work is not commenced by such owner, or owners, within said period of 10 days the city engineer shall cause the same to be done and upon the completion thereof, the cost bill for the same shall be filed by said city engineer in the office of the city clerk and a copy thereof mailed by said clerk, postage prepaid, to the last known address of said owner, or to General Delivery, Pacific Grove, California, and if the bill is not paid into the city treasury by said owner, or owners, within 10 days thereafter the same shall be and become a lien upon the real property affected or benefited by said improvement and shall be a charge against said property on the tax roll and shall be collected at the time and in the manner the general municipal taxes of the city are collected, and shall bear like penalties and carry like interest charges for delinquencies. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 7, 1954].

15.20.080 Variance.

Nothing contained herein shall prohibit the owner of any property, where exceptional circumstances exist, from applying to the planning commission of the city for variances from the terms of PGMC 15.20.020 through 15.20.070 inclusive, after first obtaining the recommendation of the city manager and/or city engineer. [Ord. 249 N.S. § 8, 1954].

15.20.090 Exemption.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to developments being considered by the community development department under application for use permit, in cases where a use permit is required and where the planning commission prescribes the driveway requirements for the project in granting the use permit. The planning commission shall adhere to the general purposes of this chapter in prescribing driveway requirements. [Ord. 717 N.S. § 1, 1972].