Chapter 15.32


15.32.010    Permit – Required – Deposit.

15.32.020    Deposit – Refund.

15.32.030    Notification of wire cutting – Duty.

15.32.040    Reimbursing city for damage.

15.32.050    Permit to specify location – Traffic not to be obstructed.

15.32.060    Owner liable for street damage.

15.32.010 Permit – Required – Deposit.

It is unlawful for any person to move any house, building, or other structure into, through, along, or across any public street, square, or place, without having first obtained a permit from the proper city authority, and deposited with the city treasurer a fee as established by resolution of the council. The sum shall be used for the purpose of paying for any damage caused by the moving of the building or other structure where such moving will necessitate the cutting or other interfering with any line or wire of any telegraph, telephone, electric light or power company, including the establishment of temporary connections, where necessary, and the restoration after the completion of such moving of the lines or wires to their former position. Any such damages shall be paid by the city treasurer out of the fund, upon a verified claim therefor duly filed within 10 days thereafter with the city treasurer, who must present the same to the council at its next regular meeting. If upon a hearing thereof, the council deems the applicant entitled to the whole or any part thereof, such claim shall be paid out of said funds so deposited with the treasurer. Should there be an insufficient amount of money deposited to pay all of said claims, the council shall order the claims paid pro rata. [Ord. 1765 N.S. § 9, 1991; Ord. 210 N.S. § 5-503(1), 1952].

15.32.020 Deposit – Refund.

If no claim is filed within 10 days after the moving of any building or structure, or if there is a surplus after all claims are paid, the city treasurer shall deliver the money deposited or the certified check or such portions thereof as remains after paying all claims, upon demand therefor, to the party or parties depositing the same. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 5-503(2), 1952].

15.32.030 Notification of wire cutting – Duty.

It shall be the duty of the applicant, immediately upon obtaining the permit provided for in this chapter, to notify the person, firm or corporation whose line or lines, wire or wires, are to be cut or interfered with in such moving or interference, of such permit and of the date when such moving or interference will take place.

Such notice must be served at least 24 hours before such moving, cutting or interference with said lines will be commenced or become necessary. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 5-503(3, 4), 1952].

15.32.040 Reimbursing city for damage.

It shall be incumbent upon the owner of the house or structure being moved, to reimburse the city for any damage done to any public buildings, streets, alleys, ways, or sidewalks, and to reimburse the owner of any private property of whatever nature that may be damaged through the moving of said house or structure. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 5-503(5), 1952].

15.32.050 Permit to specify location – Traffic not to be obstructed.

No permit to move any house, building, or structure into, through, along, or across any public street, alley, square, or place shall be issued unless such street, alley, square or place shall be mentioned and described in the permit provided for in this chapter. Moving shall be performed and carried on in a manner and time so as not to wholly obstruct vehicular traffic upon such street, alley, square or place. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 5-503(6), 1952].

15.32.060 Owner liable for street damage.

The owner of such house or structure will be liable for any or all damages caused by the occupancy of the street by the house or structure. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 5-503(7), 1952].