Chapter 16.36


16.36.010    Crosswalks – Locations.

16.36.020    Required use of crosswalks – Exceptions.

16.36.030    Standing in roadway.

16.36.010 Crosswalks – Locations.

The city traffic engineer shall establish, designate and maintain crosswalks at intersections and other places by appropriate devices, marks or lines upon the surface of the roadway as follows:

Crosswalks may be established and maintained at all intersections within the business district and at such intersections outside such district, and at other places within or outside said district where the city traffic engineer determines that there is particular hazard to pedestrians crossing the roadway. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 8-901, 1952].

16.36.020 Required use of crosswalks – Exceptions.

No pedestrian shall cross a vehicular roadway except in established crosswalks; provided, that where none exists within a block of any such crosswalk then a pedestrian may cross by the shortest route to the opposite curb. Where center parking is permitted, crossing thereto may be made by the shortest possible route from the nearest curb. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 8-902, 1952].

16.36.030 Standing in roadway.

No person shall stand in any roadway other than in a safety zone or in a crosswalk if such action interferes with the lawful movement of traffic. This section shall not apply to any public officer or employee, or employee of a public utility when necessarily upon a street in the line of duty. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 8-903, 1952].