Chapter 23.12


23.12.010    Districts listed.

23.12.020    Districts established by zoning map.

23.12.030    Compliance required.

23.12.040    Applicability to governmental units.

23.12.010 Districts listed.

The overall districts established are as follows:

(a) Single-family residential district or R-1 district.

(b) Restricted duplex residential district or R-2 district.

(c) Multiple-family residential district or R-3 district.

(d) Multiple-family residential district or R-4 district.

(e) Light commercial district or C-1 district.

(f) Light commercial district and hotel or C-1-T district.

(g) Downtown commercial district or C-D district.

(h) Forest Hill commercial district or C-FH district.

(i) Heavy commercial district or C-2 district.

(j) Visitor commercial district or C-V district.

(k) Restricted industrial district or I district.

(l) Open space or O district.

(m) Unclassified or U district.

(n) Combining or B district.

(o) Motel district or R-3-M district.

(p) Combining or H district. [Ord. 13-003 § 15, 2013; Ord. 09-005 § 32, 2009; Ord. 685 N.S. § 2, 1971; Ord. 387 N.S., 1962; Ord. 210 N.S. § 11-121(1), 1952].

23.12.020 Districts established by zoning map.

The designations, locations and boundaries of the zoning districts referred to in this title are established by and delineated upon the map entitled “Zoning Map, City of Pacific Grove, California,” dated January, 1987, which map is hereby adopted by reference and made a public document filed in the office of the community development director. The map hereby adopted supersedes the map, and amendments thereto, adopted by Ordinance No. 387 N.S. The map hereby adopted does not amend the zone designations of any property, rather it accurately exhibits the zone district designations of properties within the city at the time of adoption.

Amendments to the map hereby adopted shall be effected by ordinance, and such amendments shall become a part of this title by reference. Such amending ordinances shall be listed in the Table of Ordinances and entitled “Rezones property (Special).”

Copies of the zoning map hereby adopted may be purchased in the office of the community development director. [Ord. 1574 N.S., 1987; Ord. 387 N.S., 1962; Ord. 210 N.S. § 11-121(2), 1952).

23.12.030 Compliance required.

No building or structure shall be erected, reconstructed or structurally altered in any manner, nor shall any building or land be used for any purpose, other than as permitted by and in conformance with this title and all ordinances, laws and maps referred to herein. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 11-121(3), 1952].

23.12.040 Applicability to governmental units.

Provisions of this chapter shall also apply to all cities, counties, districts and to the state and federal government or any agency of such governmental units. [Ord. 210 N.S. § 11-121(4), 1952].