Chapter 23.30


23.30.010    Uses permitted.

23.30.020    Minimum lot size.

23.30.030    Density.

23.30.040    General requirements.

23.30.010 Uses permitted.

The following uses are permitted in the M-H district:

(a) Any residential use permitted in the respective district with which the M-H district is combined;

(b) Mobile home parks for residential purposes subject to first obtaining a use permit. [Ord. 853 N.S. § 1, 1975].

23.30.020 Minimum lot size.

The minimum lot size in one ownership on which a mobile home park may be constructed in this district is 10 acres, with a minimum lot width of 200 feet. [Ord. 853 N.S. § 1, 1975].

23.30.030 Density.

The total number of living units permitted in the M-H district shall not be greater than 10 units per acre. [Ord. 853 N.S. § 1, 1975].

23.30.040 General requirements.

(a) Each use in an M-H district shall be considered as being part of a planned unit development.

(b) The site, recreational facilities, and maintenance plans for the project shall be approved by the planning commission.

(c) A landscape plan for the entire project shall be approved by the architectural review board.

(d) Yards shall be a minimum of 20 feet; however, in considering an application for a use permit, the planning commission is authorized to prescribe other requirements where it finds that the qualifications of PGMC 23.72.090 apply to the land, building or use.

(e) Maximum building coverage on all sites is 40 percent.

(f) All utilities on the lot shall be undergrounded and the meter location shall be approved by the site plan review committee.

(g) Architectural approval shall be required as prescribed in Chapter 23.73 PGMC.

(h) Maximum site coverage on all sites is 60 percent. [Ord. 12-003 § 7, 2012; Ord. 853 N.S. § 1, 1975].