Chapter 23.56


23.56.010    Statement of intent.

23.56.015    Special regulations.

23.56.020    Boundaries of district.

23.56.010 Statement of intent.

It is the intention of this chapter to preserve the essential characteristics of the R-H district. These characteristics include a feeling of open space around dwellings, and public views of ocean, sky and trees. This chapter ensures that new homes and additions shall be constructed in proportion to lot size and with roof lines that enhance the architectural integrity of the neighborhoods. [Ord. 1778 N.S. § 1, 1991].

23.56.015 Special regulations.

Except as specifically provided by this section, R-1 requirements shall apply in the R-H district.

(a) Dwelling Height. No dwelling shall exceed a height of 25 feet, nor have more than two stories, a story being a complete horizontal section of a building having one continuous floor or practically continuous floor (i.e., less than three foot change in finished floor elevation). Mezzanines, lofts and similar spaces are considered second stories.

(b) Roof Pitch. No portion of a roof above 18 feet shall have a pitch less than 3:12.

(c) Building Coverage. Maximum building coverage is 40 percent for one story or for buildings up to 16 feet high, and 35 percent for two stories or for buildings over 16 feet high.

(d) Site Coverage. Maximum site coverage on all sites is 60 percent.

(e) Side Yards. For new single-family dwellings constructed after May 17, 1991 (effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter) side yards shall be 10 percent of lot width but need not exceed 10 feet; provided, however, on corner lots, the side yard abutting the street shall be 20 percent of the width of the lot, but need not exceed 15 feet.

If proposed improvements to existing buildings include the demolition and reconstruction of 50 percent or more of the floor area of the building and/or the demolition and reconstruction of 50 percent or more of the total lateral length of the exterior walls, the project will be classified as a new structure. [Ord. 12-003 § 9, 2012; Ord. 00-18 § 8, 2000; Ord. 97-11 § 1, 1997; Ord. 1778 N.S. § 1, 1991].

23.56.020 Boundaries of district.

The R-H district shall be that area bounded by the Esplanade and Seventeen Mile Drive on the east, Crest Avenue and Del Monte Boulevard on the south, Asilomar Boulevard on the west, and Ocean View Boulevard on the north. [Ord. 264 N.S., 1955; Ord. 210 N.S. § 11-140(1), 1952].