Title 24


24.04    General Provisions

24.05    Certificate of Compliance

24.06    Lot-Line Adjustments and Owner-Initiated Mergers

24.08    Parcel Map Procedures

24.12    Filing of Tentative Map

24.16    Approval of Final Maps

24.20    Imposition of Fees

24.24    Environmental Impact and Grading and Erosion Control

24.28    Soil Reports

24.32    Subdivision Standards

24.36    Waiver of Direct Street Access

24.40    Dedication Regulations for Streets, Alleys, Drainage, Public Utility Easements, and Other Public Easements

24.44    Reservations

24.48    Park and Recreation Dedication and Fees

24.52    School Site Dedications

24.56    Supplemental Improvements Reimbursement Agreements

24.60    Monuments

24.64    Improvement Security

24.68    Reversion to Acreage

24.72    Certificate of Use and Occupancy for Community Housing