Chapter 24.05


24.05.010    General provisions.

24.05.020    Appeal.

24.05.030    Enforcement.

24.05.010 General provisions.

Upon request of any person owning real property or a vendee of that person pursuant to a contract of sale of the real property, the director shall determine whether the real property complies with the Subdivision Map Act and this title.

(a) The director shall issue either a certificate of compliance if it is determined that the real property complies, or a conditional certificate of compliance if it is determined that the real property does not comply, in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act procedures (Government Code Sections 66499.34 and 66499.35).

(b) The director may, as a condition to granting a conditional certificate of compliance, impose any conditions as authorized by Government Code Section 66499.35.

(c) The director shall not issue a certificate of compliance if the effect of issuing the certificate would be to subdivide the property in violation of the Subdivision Map Act.

(d) A certificate of compliance only determines the legal status of a parcel and does not grant a right of development. [Ord. 19-014 § 6, 2019; Ord. 11-001 § 8, 2011. Formerly 24.04.035].

24.05.020 Appeal.

The director’s determination may be appealed in accord with Chapter 23.74 PGMC. [Ord. 19-014 § 6, 2019].

24.05.030 Enforcement.

Whenever the director has knowledge that real property has been divided in violation of the provisions of this chapter, it shall cause to be mailed by certified mail to the then current owner of record of the property a notice of intention to record a notice of violation in accord with the Subdivision Map Act. [Ord. 19-014 § 6, 2019].