Title 3


3.02    Office of Finance – Office of Director of Finance

3.04    Budget Adoption Procedures

3.05    Audit Committee

3.08    Purchasing

3.10    City of Palmdale Economic Opportunities Program

3.12    Claims Against the City

3.14    Procedures for Ratification and Approval of Warrants

3.16    Real Property Transfer Tax

3.20    Sales and Use Tax

3.22    Redevelopment Project Sales and Use Taxes

3.24    Transient Occupancy Tax

3.28    Publicity and Advertising Fund

3.32    Special Gas Tax Street Improvement Fund

3.33    Air Quality Improvement Trust Fund

3.34    Parkland Dedication

3.36    Redevelopment Agency Fee

3.38    Drainage Fee Requirements

3.40    Traffic Impact Fee Requirements

3.42    Fire Facilities Impact Fee Requirements

3.43    Deferred Payment of Development Impact Fees

3.44    Business License Tax

3.45    Public Facility Development Impact Fee Requirements

3.46    Palmdale Special Tax District Financing Code