Chapter 3.36


3.36.010    Purpose.

3.36.020    Imposition of fee.

3.36.030    Obligation.

3.36.040    Payment.

3.36.010 Purpose.

(A) The redevelopment process provides financial mechanisms which assist in industrial, commercial and residential development within redevelopment project areas within the City.

(B) This industrial, commercial and residential development places additional burdens upon the capital improvements and facilities in the City and contributes to the need for additional facilities and the maintenance and repair of existing facilities.

(C) The policy of the City Council is that new costs which result from the growth-inducing programs of the redevelopment agency shall not be borne by the City, but rather, by the redevelopment agency which is responsible for those new costs.

(D) A mechanism is necessary to provide a predictable and equitable funding method for requiring new development within redevelopment areas to pay for the future capital improvements which are of benefit to such development such that the impacts of new growth will be borne by that new development. (Ord. 506, 1983)

3.36.020 Imposition of fee.

All new development, including residential, commercial and industrial construction, within a specified redevelopment project area shall be assessed a fee by the City equal to four percent of the building valuation of the development. (Ord. 506, 1983)

3.36.030 Obligation.

The obligation for payment of this fee shall be assessed to the redevelopment agency. This fee shall be considered as a debt of the agency for future repayment to the City. (Ord. 506, 1983)

3.36.040 Payment.

This fee will be exclusive of any other fees and obligations required by the City Council or the redevelopment agency. (Ord. 506, 1983)