Chapter 6.08


6.08.010    Purpose.

6.08.020    Homing pigeons defined.

6.08.030    Permit – Required.

6.08.040    Permit – Term and fee.

6.08.050    Feed storage.

6.08.060    Food scrap and dropping removal.

6.08.070    Loft construction.

6.08.080    Maintenance.

6.08.090    Inspection.

6.08.100    Height.

6.08.110    Number of birds allowed.

6.08.120    Fee exemption.

6.08.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to permit, subject to proper regulation, the keeping and flying of racing homing pigeons as a recreational sport and hobby, and for no other purpose. (Ord. 50 § 1, 1963)

6.08.020 Homing pigeons defined.

The term “homing pigeons” means a pigeon trained to return home from a distance. Homing pigeons can be identified by a seamless leg band issued by the American Racing Pigeon Union and marked with the letters AU and the figures designating the year issued. (Ord. 50 § 2, 1963)

6.08.030 Permit – Required.

Homing pigeons, which are not raised or kept for the market or other commercial purpose, may be kept and liberated for exercise or racing within not less than 25 feet from any door, window or other opening of any dwelling, if a permit in writing, authorizing the keeping and liberating for exercise and racing of such homing pigeons, is first applied for and obtained from the City. Each application for a permit to keep and liberate for exercise and racing of the homing pigeons shall be made upon forms to be furnished for that purpose by the City, signed by the applicant and filed with the City. No such application shall be received for filing by the City unless accompanied by a filing fee of $10.00. The permit shall be issued by the City upon compliance by the applicant with the conditions set out in this chapter. (Ord. 50 § 3, 1963)

6.08.040 Permit – Term and fee.

Each permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be valid for a period of one year from and after the date of issuance and shall be renewable on the payment to the City of a renewal fee in the sum of $7.50 annually. (Ord. 50 § 3(6), 1963)

6.08.050 Feed storage.

All feed for the homing pigeons shall be stored in containers which offer protection against rodents. (Ord. 50 § 3(1), 1963)

6.08.060 Food scrap and dropping removal.

All homing pigeon droppings and food scrap shall be removed from the premises at least once a week and disposed of in a sanitary manner. (Ord. 50 § 3(2), 1963)

6.08.070 Loft construction.

Lofts or pigeon houses where the homing pigeons are kept shall be soundly constructed, properly maintained and adequately landscaped to blend with and conform to the surrounding area. (Ord. 50 § 3(3), 1963)

6.08.080 Maintenance.

The lofts or pigeon houses shall be maintained in a sanitary condition and in compliance with all health regulations of the City. (Ord. 50 § 3(4), 1963)

6.08.090 Inspection.

The City, or its duly authorized representative, shall have the right to inspect each such loft and pigeon house at such times as it deems advisable. (Ord. 50 § 3(5), 1963)

6.08.100 Height.

Pigeon coops or buildings shall not exceed eight feet above normal ground line. (Ord. 50 § 3(7), 1963)

6.08.110 Number of birds allowed.

No more than 50 adult birds of any kind, sex or variety may be kept at any one time at any one location or piece of property by one or more owners. An adult bird is any bird banded in a previous calendar year. (Ord. 50 § 3(8), 1963)

6.08.120 Fee exemption.

Any junior member of the American Racing Pigeon Union shall be subject to all of the requirements of this chapter except that a junior member shall be issued a no-fee permit upon compliance with this chapter and displaying his membership card in the American Racing Pigeon Union. (Ord. 50 § 3(9), 1963)