Chapter 8.25


8.25.010    Ambulance service authorized.

8.25.020    Contracting for services.

8.25.030    Terms.

8.25.010 Ambulance service authorized.

Pursuant to Section 38794 of the Government Code of the state, the City is authorized to contract for the furnishing of ambulance services to residents of the City. (Ord. 495, 1983)

8.25.020 Contracting for services.

The City Council shall, from time to time, enter into contracts either with the County or with private persons, firms or corporations, for the furnishing of ambulance services to the residents of the City as public convenience may require. (Ord. 495, 1983)

8.25.030 Terms.

Such contracts for ambulance services shall contain such terms and provisions as the City Council may from time to time approve in writing. (Ord. 495, 1983)