Chapter 9.04


9.04.010    False reports.

9.04.020    False impersonation.

9.04.030    Interception of official radio communications.

9.04.010 False reports.

No person shall inform or report to a Peace Officer that a crime has been committed, whether a felony or a misdemeanor, unless he, in good faith, believes that the crime has been committed. (Ord. 10 § 16, 1962)

9.04.020 False impersonation.

No person shall falsely impersonate or cause or permit to be falsely impersonated the Sheriff, District Attorney or City Prosecutor, or member of the State Highway Patrol, or a deputy or representative of, or connected with either. No person shall wear the uniform of the Sheriff, State Highway Patrol, or deputies thereof, or any part of such uniform or any uniform, part of which is similar to the uniform of the Sheriff or State Highway Patrol or deputies thereof, unless the person is a member of such organization. (Ord. 10 § 17, 1962)

9.04.030 Interception of official radio communications.

No person shall equip a vehicle with a radio capable of receiving Police, Sheriff, State Highway Patrol, Forester and Fire Warden calls. (Ord. 10 § 22, 1962)