Chapter 9.45


9.45.010    Trespass on public school property.

9.45.020    Trespass on certain public property.

9.45.030    Exceptions.

9.45.040    Violations.

9.45.010 Trespass on public school property.

No person shall enter the grounds, buildings or any other property of a public school, or remain on such grounds, building or property, in violation of posted rules regarding the use of the property. (Ord. 1387 § 1, 2009)

9.45.020 Trespass on certain public property.

(A) No person shall enter upon any of the following premises owned by the City without the express permission of the Director of Public Works, or his or her duly authorized representative, where signs forbidding entry are displayed as provided in subsection (B) of this section: maintenance yards, maintenance shops, lift stations, detention basins, and retention basins. No person shall be deemed to have such permission unless such person has evidence thereof upon his or her person or unless he or she has the express oral consent of the officer or employee present at, and in immediate charge or care of, the premises.

(B) For purposes of subsection (A) of this section, one printed sign shall be posted in a conspicuous manner at every walkway and driveway entering any enclosed premises or portion thereof, and at a minimum of every 50 feet along the boundary of any unenclosed lot. This requirement is met if at least one printed sign is conspicuously posted on the outside of every structure on such property, so as to be readable from each walkway and driveway entering such property. The sign shall contain the following language, or language substantially similar, which shall be printed in letters not less than two inches high:


No Entry Without Permission

P.M.C. SEC. 9.45.020

(Ord. 1387 § 1, 2009)

9.45.030 Exceptions.

(A) The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to law enforcement officers or to officers or employees of the City or of any governmental agency acting in the course of their public duties.

(B) The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any portion of any such structure or premises to which general public access is required in the normal use and operation thereof during normal operating hours. (Ord. 1387 § 1, 2009)

9.45.040 Violations.

Violations of any provision of this chapter shall be punishable as set forth in PMC Title 1. (Ord. 1387 § 1, 2009)