Chapter 16.10


16.10.010    City Council.

16.10.020    City Engineer.

16.10.030    City standards.

16.10.040    Commercially or industrially zoned land.

16.10.050    Community apartment project.

16.10.060    Composite development plan.

16.10.070    Condominium conversion.

16.10.080    Condominium conversion project.

16.10.090    Development Advisory Board.

16.10.100    Director of Planning.

16.10.110    General plan.

16.10.120    Multiple or phased final maps.

16.10.130    Orderly development.

16.10.140    Planning Commission.

16.10.150    Reviewing authority.

16.10.160    Small lot subdivisions.

16.10.170    Stock cooperative project.

16.10.180    Zoning ordinance.

16.10.010 City Council.

The term “City Council” means the City Council of the City of Palmdale. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.020 City Engineer.

The term “City Engineer” means the City Engineer of the City of Palmdale, or an authorized designee. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.030 City standards.

The term “City standards” means all those ordinances, standards, regulations, policies, resolutions and procedures that the City uses to review, process, approve or inspect applications for development, including, but not limited to, public improvements, grading and landscaping. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.040 Commercially or industrially zoned land.

The term “commercially or industrially zoned land” means any land shown on the most current City of Palmdale zoning map with any of the following zoning designations: C-1 (light commercial), C-2 (office professional), C-3 (general commercial), C-4 (commercial center), C-5 (service commercial), M-1 (light industrial), M-2 (general industrial), M-3 (airport industrial), M-4 (planned industrial), or QR (quarry and reclamation), or any approved specific plan area for which the underlying general plan designation is commercial or industrial. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.050 Community apartment project.

The term “community apartment project” means a project in which an undivided interest in land is coupled with the right of exclusive occupancy of any apartment located thereon. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.060 Composite development plan.

The term “composite development plan” means a plan or plans, filed at the time of filing of a final map, which shows the information required by PMC 16.80.050. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.070 Condominium conversion.

The term “condominium conversion” means the conversion or division of a single-ownership parcel of existing improved residential real property, such as an apartment project, into a condominium, community apartment project, stock cooperative or townhouse form of ownership involving separate ownership or permanent right of exclusive use of individual units. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.080 Condominium conversion project.

The term “condominium conversion project” means the entire parcel of real property to be converted or which is proposed for a change of use, including all structures thereon or appurtenant thereto. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.090 Development Advisory Board.

The term “Development Advisory Board” means those representatives of the City of Palmdale Planning Department, Public Works Department, and those representatives of local public utilities, who confer from time to time to review development applications and preliminary development proposals for conformance with City regulations, policies and standards. (Ord. 1408 § 9, 2010; Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.100 Director of Planning.

The term “Director,” “Director of Planning” or “Planning Director” means the Director of Planning of the City of Palmdale, or the Director’s authorized designee. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.110 General plan.

The term “general plan” means the general plan of the City of Palmdale, including all adopted elements and maps, as it may be amended from time to time. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.120 Multiple or phased final maps.

The term “multiple or phased final maps” means any aggregation of final maps which are filed on property included in a single tentative map. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.130 Orderly development.

The term “orderly development” means the logical and practical extension of land uses and infrastructure to previously undeveloped sites, in a manner which does not result in isolated pockets of developed land, cause a significant impact to the provision of public services or to other properties, or result in the development of vacant unimproved land before adequate services and infrastructure are available to serve the area in a cost-effective manner, as determined by the reviewing authority. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.140 Planning Commission.

The term “Planning Commission” means the Planning Commission of the City of Palmdale. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.150 Reviewing authority.

The term “reviewing authority” means the person or decision-making body (i.e., Planning Director, Planning Commission or City Council) responsible for the review and/or final action on a land use entitlement. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.160 Small lot subdivisions.

The term “small lot subdivision” means any proposed subdivision of residentially designated land which would create lots which are less than 7,000 square feet in area, and are intended for the development of attached or detached single-family residential dwellings. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.170 Stock cooperative project.

The term “stock cooperative project” means a project wherein a corporation is formed or utilized primarily for the purpose of holding title to an apartment project, if all, or substantially all, of the shareholders of such corporation receive a right of exclusive occupancy in a dwelling unit in the apartment project, title to which is held by the corporation. The right of occupancy is transferable only concurrently with the transfer of shares of stock in the corporation held by the person having such right of occupancy. For the purpose of this title, stock cooperative projects are subject to the same restrictions and conditions as condominium conversion projects. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.10.180 Zoning ordinance.

The term “zoning ordinance” means PMC Title 17, including all text and maps, as it may be amended from time to time. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)