Chapter 16.150


16.150.010    General.

16.150.020    Filing with the office of the County Registrar/Recorder.

16.150.010 General.

(A) A lot line adjustment may be approved between two or more adjoining parcels, where a greater or lesser number of parcels than originally existed is not thereby created, in accordance with the following provisions:

(1) Applications for lot line adjustment shall be filed with the City Engineer on the forms prescribed, and shall be reviewed and approved by the City Engineer, in consultation with the Director of Planning.

(2) Review by the City Engineer and the Planning Director shall be limited to whether or not the parcels resulting from the proposed lot line adjustment will comply with the zoning ordinance and building code.

(3) Conditions of approval and exactions shall be limited to those required to facilitate conformance with the Palmdale general plan, zoning ordinance, building code or the relocation of existing utilities, infrastructure or easements.

(4) No record of survey shall be required, unless required by Section 8762 of the Business and Professions Code.

(B) The City Engineer shall approve or disapprove the lot line adjustment within the time frames established by Public Resources Code Section 21151.5, and Government Code Section 66452.2. The City Engineer shall comply with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act, to the extent required, if any conditions of the lot line adjustment are likely to have a potential impact on the environment, and shall comply with applicable notice and hearing requirements, if the adjustment or the conditions of approval may affect the interests of surrounding property owners. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)

16.150.020 Filing with the office of the County Registrar/Recorder.

Upon approval of the lot line adjustment pursuant to this section, the City Engineer shall file with the office of the County Registrar/Recorder a certificate of compliance or conditional certificate of compliance of the affected parcels and a plat map showing the revised lot lines. The certificate shall include a certificate by the County Tax Collector in accordance with Division 8 of the Subdivision Map Act. (Ord. 1091 § 5, 1996)