17.12.010 Planning Commission

A.    Administration and Enforcement

The Planning Commission is hereby vested with the duty of administering and the power of enforcing this Ordinance.

B.    Powers and Duties

The Planning Commission shall have all of the powers and all of the duties conferred upon it by the Palmdale Municipal Code and this Ordinance, or by amendment of the Palmdale Municipal Code or this Ordinance, and no other.

17.12.020 Regulation of Power or Duty by the Commission

Whenever by ordinance an administrative power is granted to or an administrative duty imposed upon the Commission, the Commission may authorize or instruct the Director to exercise such administrative power, or perform such administrative duty. The Director shall exercise all such powers and perform all such duties as instructed by the Commission.

17.12.030 Assumption of Power or Duty of Public Officer

Whenever a power is granted to, or a duty imposed upon a public officer by this Ordinance, the power may be exercised, or the duty may be performed by the Commission, a deputy of the public officer, or a person authorized, pursuant to law or ordinance, by said officer, unless this Ordinance expressly provides otherwise.