17.14.010 Zoning Maps

There is hereby adopted the “Official Zoning Map of the City of Palmdale” as attached hereto and set forth herein. All property within the City is hereby placed in such zones as indicated on said map, and no property shall be used except in accordance with the zoning designations on said map and the provisions of this Ordinance. Said map shall be maintained in the City offices by the City Clerk and duly certified by him or her. All amendments to the Official Zoning Map shall be noted thereon with the date of the amendment and references to the amending ordinance. Said Official Zoning Map is hereby made a part of this Ordinance and may be amended by reference thereto and to this Section.

17.14.020 Uncertainty of Boundaries

Where uncertainty exists as to boundaries of any zone shown upon the zoning map, or any part thereof, the following provisions shall apply:

A.    Where a boundary follows a public or private street or alley, the centerline of the street or alley shall be the boundary.

B.    In the case where a zone boundary divides a lot or parcel, the location of such boundaries, unless said boundary is indicated by dimensions or legal description, shall be determined by use of the scale appearing on said zoning map.

C.    Where a public highway, street or alley, or any portion thereof is officially vacated or abandoned, the area comprising such vacated highway, street or alley shall acquire the zone classification of the property to which it reverts. Where the centerline of the vacated right-of-way forms a zoning boundary, the zoning boundary shall remain.

D.    Areas in dedicated highways, streets or alleys, aqueducts, flood control channels or similar water features, or in railroad rights-of-way, other than as are designated on the zoning map as being classified in one of the zones provided in this Ordinance, shall be deemed to be in Zone PF (Public Facilities), and in the case of highways, streets or alleys permitted to be used only for purposes lawfully allowed, and in the case of railroad rights-of-way be permitted to be used solely for the purpose of accommodating tracks, signals, other operative devices and the movement of rolling stock. (Zoning Ordinance Amendment 98-1, adopted by City Council March 10, 1999.)