Division 4

Chapter 17.40

17.40.010 Designation of Residential Zones

As used in this Ordinance, residential zones means Zones:

R-1    (Single Family Residential)

R-2    (Medium Residential)

R-3    (Multiple Residential)

17.40.020 Intent and Purpose

The purpose of this Division is to achieve the following:

A.    Reserve adequate land within the City for residential uses having a range of dwelling unit densities to serve all economic and demographic segments of the population, in conformance with the General Plan and appropriate standards of public health, safety, welfare, and aesthetics; and

B.    Ensure adequate light, air, privacy, and open space for each dwelling unit; and

C.    Protect residential neighborhoods from excessive noise, light and glare, unsightliness, odor, smoke, and other objectionable influences; and

D.    Establish development standards and requirements to facilitate the retention of existing residential neighborhoods; the maintenance and upgrade of transitional residential neighborhoods; and the establishment of new residential neighborhoods in accordance with General Plan policies.