Division 5

Chapter 17.50

17.50.010 Designation of Commercial Zones

As used in this Ordinance, commercial zones means Zones:

C-1    (Light Commercial)

C-2    (Office Commercial) (Zoning Ordinance Amendment 98-1, adopted by City Council March 10, 1999.)

C-3    (General Commercial)

C-4    (Commercial Center)

C-5    (Service Commercial)

17.50.020 Intent and Purpose

The commercial zones are established to provide areas in which business may be conducted, goods sold and distributed, and services rendered, along with other activities which are ancillary to and supportive of the primary commercial activities. The following commercial zones are intended to fulfill the need for shopping areas which range in size and composition from neighborhood stores to regional shopping centers. The standards of development are designed to assure quality of design and compatibility with adjacent uses.