Division 6

Chapter 17.60

17.60.010 Designation of Industrial Zones

As used in this Ordinance, industrial zones means Zones:

M-1    (Light Industrial)

M-2    (General Industrial)

M-3    (Airport Industrial)

M-4     (Planned Industrial)

17.60.020 Intent and Purpose

The industrial zones are established to preserve land within the planning area for manufacturing, processing, assembly, fabrication, distribution, and similar activities related to production and transport of goods. Commercial uses which are compatible with and supportive of the manufacturing uses within these zones are also provided for. Uses which are incompatible with industrial development due to their sensitivity to noise, vibration, light, odors or materials used in manufacturing processes are not appropriate in these zones. Commercial uses providing retail goods and services to the general public, or which are intended to draw customers from residential areas into industrial areas are discouraged. The primary goal of the industrial use zones is to ensure that adequate land area is available in suitable sizes, configurations and locations to accommodate existing and future employment-generating development, and that the future potential of such areas is not inhibited or precluded by the intrusion of incompatible uses.