Division 7

Chapter 17.70

17.70.010 Designation of Special Purpose Zones

As used in this Ordinance, special purpose zones mean Zones:

PF    (Public Facilities)

QR    (Quarry and Reclamation)

MX    (Mixed Use Overlay)

OR    (Open Space and Recreation)

C-D    (Downtown Commercial) (Zoning Ordinance amendment 97-2, adopted by City Council April 10, 1997.)

17.70.020 Intent and Purpose

The special purpose zones are established to provide for unique or specialized uses or standards that may not, as a matter of course, fall into one of the four major categories of zones, (agricultural, residential, commercial or manufacturing zones). The special purpose zones are also intended to aid in the conservation of resources, to encourage the development of recreational areas and to provide facilities or standards to complement other zones consistent with the goals, policies and objectives of the General Plan.