Chapter 17.98

17.98.010 Land Reclamation Projects

A.    Purpose and intent

It is the purpose of these regulations to establish specific standards for land reclamation projects where they are permitted by conditional use permit. The intent is to prevent adverse visual, health, safety, and other impacts on the surrounding properties and/or the community.

B.    Development Standards

Land reclamation projects where listed as permitted by Conditional Use Permit, shall be constructed in the following manner:

1.    Prior to commencement of operations the portion of the project to be used immediately for dumping purposes shall be enclosed with a chain link fence having a height of six (6) feet capable of preventing access thereto by unauthorized persons. Access to the dump area shall be protected with gates and be kept closed during non-operating periods. The location of all entrances shall be subject to the approval of the Commission.

2.    An earth dike shall be constructed within the property fence along and parallel with any street or highway. Such dike shall be not less than eight (8) feet in height above the elevation of the centerline of the paralleling street or highway and shall be so treated as to remain dust and weed free.

3.    In lieu of said chain link fence and dike, the Commission may approve the substitution of an eight (8) foot solid fence or decorative wall where, in the opinion of said Commission, such fence or wall will adequately comply with the provisions of this Section.

4.    Salvage operations are not permitted on the premises.

5.    All access roads shall be paved a distance of not less than two hundred (200) feet from the nearest paved dedicated street or highway. Such paving shall be of asphalt or other hard surfacing in conformance with the standards set forth by the Director.

6.    All roads within the dumping area are to be oiled or hard surfaced and maintained so as to prevent the creation of dust.

C.    Review Process

Land Reclamation Projects shall be subject to Conditional Use Permit approval in accordance with Chapter 17.22 PMC.