Chapter 18.05


18.05.010    Definitions.

18.05.020    Helicopter takeoff and landing restrictions.

18.05.030    Government helicopters exempted.

18.05.010 Definitions.

(A) “Helicopter” means a rotocraft which principally depends for its support and motion in the air upon the lift generated by one or more power-driven rotors that rotate on a substantially vertical axis.

(B) “Permitted heliport” means an area of land, water, or structure permitted by the California Department of Transportation to be used for the landing and takeoff of helicopters. (Ord. 1488 § 2, 2016)

18.05.020 Helicopter takeoff and landing restrictions.

Except in case of emergency, no person shall take off or land a helicopter within the City of Palmdale except from, or upon, a landing field at a designated airport or permitted heliport. (Ord. 1488 § 2, 2016)

18.05.030 Government helicopters exempted.

This chapter shall not apply to any helicopter operated by a Federal, State, or local agency engaged in public safety services. (Ord. 1488 § 2, 2016)