Chapter 8.36


8.36.010    Nuisance buildings and premises designated.

8.36.010 Nuisance buildings and premises designated.

Any building or structure or any lot upon which a building or structure is situated which has any or all of the conditions or defects described in this section is declared to be a public nuisance:

A. Maintenance of any structure in a state of substantial deterioration, which is viewable from a public right-of-way or viewable from the sites of neighboring properties, where such condition would depreciate the aesthetic and property values of surrounding property;

B. Windows which normally contain glass and which are without glass, or which contain broken glass, for more than thirty days in occupied buildings or, in the case of abandoned buildings, for more than five days;

C. Land, the topography, geology or configuration of which, whether in natural state or as a result of grading operations, excavation or fill, could cause potential erosion, subsidence or surface water drainage problems of such magnitude as to be injurious or potentially injurious to the public health, safety and welfare, or to the adjacent properties;

D. Storing inoperable vehicles, equipment or discarded furniture in front and side yards, including trailers, camper shells, boats, inoperable vehicles and other equipment kept or stored for unreasonable periods, but not less than seventy-two hours, in yard areas where the equipment is not screened so that it cannot be viewed from off site;

E. Painting or marking of obscenities, as defined by state laws, or graffiti, on buildings, fences or other structures visible to the public;

F. Development where more than fifteen percent of landscaping detailed on any city-approved plan is not maintained;

G. Maintaining property with overgrown or dead vegetation, including lawns, weeds, plants, shrubs, hedges and trees and including any such vegetation within that portion of the unimproved street right-of-way adjacent to the property. There shall be a conclusive presumption that vegetation is overgrown under this subsection if the vegetation has not been properly cut and trimmed within thirty days after notification that the vegetation is overgrown;

H. Any uncompleted building or work for which a permit is issued pursuant to Chapter 15.12 PVEMC, and the permit has expired and has not been renewed; provided, that at least one hundred eighty days have passed since such permit expired;

I. Any uncompleted building or work which is found to adversely impact the neighborhood. (Ord. 701 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 435 § 1, 1986)