Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Limitation of actions.

17.36.010 Limitation of actions.

Any action or proceeding to attack, review, set aside, void or annul any decision on an approval granted pursuant to this title or PVEMC Title 18, involving matters listed in Cal. Gov. Code § 65901 or 65903, or concerning any of the proceedings, acts or determinations taken, done or made prior to such decision, or to determine the reasonableness, legality or validity of any conditions attached thereto, shall not be maintained by any person unless the action or proceeding is commenced within ninety days after the date of the decision. Thereafter, all persons are barred from any such action or proceeding or any defense of invalidity or unreasonableness of that decision or of these proceedings, acts or determinations. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 496 § 4, 1989)