Chapter 18.05


18.05.010    Definition.

18.05.020    Purpose.

18.05.030    Permit required.

18.05.040    Procedure.

18.05.050    Application requirements.

18.05.060    Sports court permit requirements.

18.05.070    Expiration.

18.05.010 Definition.

A “sports court” means any hardscape area of dimensions exceeding twenty feet by thirty feet, including, but not limited to, tennis courts, handball courts and racquetball courts, but excluding pools and driveways used exclusively for access to a garage. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 478 § 1, 1989)

18.05.020 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to regulate the development of sports courts in the R-1 zone of the city so as to maximize visually pleasant relationships, minimize physical problems and noise intrusion, preserve the natural contours of the land insofar as is reasonable and practical and protect the use and enjoyment of property in the city. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 478 § 1, 1989)

18.05.030 Permit required.

No sports court shall be constructed, erected or otherwise created in the R-1 zone of the city by any resident without a sports court permit. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 478 § 1, 1989)

18.05.040 Procedure.

All applications for sports court permits shall be processed in compliance with PVEMC 17.04.100. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 694 § 1, 2009; Ord. 478 § 1, 1989)

18.05.050 Application requirements.

Each application for a sports court permit shall include the following:

A. Grading. A plan for grading in accordance with Chapter 18.24 PVEMC;

B. Wall/Fence Height. A plan for wall and fence heights in accordance with Chapter 18.32 PVEMC;

C. Site Plan. A site plan, including all current and planned improvements. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 478 § 1, 1989)

18.05.060 Sports court permit requirements.

The city council shall not grant a permit for a sports court unless the following criteria are met:

A. Lot Coverage. No more than thirty percent of the lot is covered by permanent buildings, and no more than twenty-five percent of the lot shall be covered by a sports court. No more than sixty-five percent of the lot shall be covered by any hardscape including permanent structures such as buildings, swimming pools, spas, gazebos, sports courts, bath houses, patios and pool decking, as well as driveways and walkways. If the city council finds that the proposed coverage will have an adverse impact on the city’s storm drain system, the permit may be denied notwithstanding the fact that the lot coverage requirement has been met.

B. Setback. No portion of the sports court hardscape shall be located closer than seven feet from any property line, except if adjacent to city parkland, it may be five feet from the property line.

C. Proximity to Neighboring Living Quarters. The distance from the sports court to any neighboring residence has been maximized. A minimum distance of fifty feet from any part of an adjacent residential building is required. If an adjacent lot is undeveloped, a sports court shall be a minimum distance of fifty feet from any portion of a reasonably sited potential residential development. The planning commission shall cause to be prepared a study of how the vacant lot(s) may be impacted by the proposal prior to making a recommendation to the city council of approval or denial of a sports court application.

D. Landscaping. A landscaping plan has been submitted and approved and the plan requires (1) mature screen planting around fences and/or walls which may be visible to the public and (2) prohibits maintenance of screen planting lower than the height of the court fence and any higher than three feet above the height of the court fence.

E. Noise Control. The applicant has made provisions to minimize the noise impact on the neighborhood through use of land contours, stucco or other sound-absorbing materials and wall coatings.

F. Drainage. A drainage system has been provided which carries drainage away from adjacent structures and provides for the safe disposal of all drainage related to the sports court.

G. Retaining Walls and Fences. No retaining walls exceed eight feet on the downhill side of a slope, or more than ten feet on the uphill side, and that no fences surrounding sports courts located near public streets or adjacent residences exceed eight feet in height as measured from the court surface. In locations not readily visible off the site, a fence height of ten feet may be permissible with city council approval.

H. Windscreening Prohibited. No windscreen shall be constructed.

I. Lighting. No lighting shall be permitted.

J. Use Limitations. The sports court does not unreasonably interfere with the use and enjoyment or potential use and enjoyment of adjacent or nearby property. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 478 § 1, 1989)

18.05.070 Expiration.

The applicant shall have a maximum of two years after approval of a sports court application within which to apply for and be issued a grading or building permit. The sports court approval shall expire in the event such grading or building permit has not been issued within the prescribed two-year time period, or in the event such grading permit or building permit terminates or expires under any other provision of this code or of the law of this state. (Ord. 700 § 2 (Exh. 1), 2012; Ord. 648 § 1, 2003; Ord. 517 § 1, 1990)