Chapter 7.16


7.16.010    Animal restraint.

7.16.020    Loud noises—Prohibited acts defined.

7.16.010 Animal restraint.

A.    No owner of any animal, wild or domestic, except the domestic cat, shall permit or suffer the animal to:

1.    Be off a leash or to be restrained by a leash which is more than eight feet in length, except that an animal need not be on a leash while it is on the premises of its owner nor while on other private property with consent of that owner or lessee or tenant;

2.    Enter upon private property without consent of the owner, lessee and/or tenant of the private property;

3.    Habitually make loud noises;

4.    Act in such other manner so as to constitute a public nuisance.

B.    Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use of animals on school property for teaching, for the blind and/or other disabilities, or for other school purposes when permitted by school officials, or require a person to keep any animal in his possession on a leash if, at the time, the animal is restrained in a vehicle or cage. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.16.020 Loud noises—Prohibited acts defined.

Keeping or maintaining, or permitting to be kept or maintained, upon any premises owned, occupied, or controlled by any person, any animal which, by any frequent or long continued noise, shall cause annoyance or discomfort to two or more reasonable persons of normal sensitiveness who reside in separate residences (including apartments and condominiums). However, the animal services authorized staff may proceed on the basis of a complaint of only one person if circumstances are determined to exist whereby a noise disturbance caused by an animal affects only one individual. Any noise, such as howling, yelping, whining, barking or otherwise, that is audible continuously for ten minutes or intermittently for thirty minutes shall be prima facie evidence of such annoyance or discomfort. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).