Chapter 7.24


7.24.010    Kennel license—Required.

7.24.020    Kennel license—In lieu of individual licenses.

7.24.030    License—Application form.

7.24.040    License—Posting.

7.24.050    License—Operating requirements.

7.24.060    License—Suspension or revocation.

7.24.010 Kennel license—Required.

A kennel is defined in Section 7.08.080. No person shall, without first obtaining a kennel license, keep, conduct or operate any dog kennel, cat kennel, pet shop, zoo, animal rental establishment, riding academy, livery stable, boarding stable, pony ride, livestock auction or market, rodeo, pet show, animal exhibition, or any other use of animals for a commercial or noncommercial purpose. No kennel license shall be required for an animal show or a use of animals, which is sponsored and controlled by an organization, which under the discretion of the animal services executive director has proper rules and procedures to prevent the abuse of animals. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.24.020 Kennel license—In lieu of individual licenses.

In lieu of securing the license required by Chapter 7.20 for each of the dogs in a kennel, a person owning or operating a kennel may obtain a kennel license covering all dogs in the kennel. A kennel owner and/or operator shall adhere to provisions of Sections 7.36.050 and 7.36.060 regarding vaccination for rabies. Dogs owned or controlled by the kennel operator and/or owner, which are allowed outside the confines of the kennel, shall be individually licensed as required by Chapter 7.20. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.24.030 License—Application form.

Each application for a kennel license or other animal establishment license shall be upon a form furnished by the licensing authority. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.24.040 License—Posting.

All licenses issued under this chapter shall be kept posted in a conspicuous place on the premises. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.24.050 License—Operating requirements.

Upon filing an application for an original or a renewal kennel or animal establishment license, the licensing authority shall issue such license, only after certification by the animal services executive director that:

A.    The keeping of animals, or the conduct or operation of business for which the license is requested and at the place set forth in the application will not violate any statute, law or any regulation adopted pursuant to Section 7.04.030;

B.    The conduct or operation of the activity will not endanger the health, peace or safety of the community;

C.    The premises where animals are to be kept are clean and sanitary and that animals will not be subjected to suffering, cruelty or abuse;

D.    The applicant has not had a similar license revoked within one year prior to the application. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.24.060 License—Suspension or revocation.

The licensing authority may revoke or suspend any license issued under this chapter upon recommendation of an animal services authorized staff, or county health officer, if it is found that the licensee, his agent or employee has been convicted of any offense involving a violation of Sections 596, 597, 597.1, 598 and 599 of the Penal Code, or other applicable law, or is in violation of ordinance of this code, or this title or of any regulation adopted pursuant to Section 7.04.030. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).