Chapter 7.44


7.44.010    Abandonment unlawful.

7.44.020    Dead animal disposal.

7.44.030    Disposition of stray cats.

7.44.010 Abandonment unlawful.

It is unlawful for any person to abandon any animal whether dead or alive. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.44.020 Dead animal disposal.

The owner of a dead animal shall provide, within a reasonable time period, for the burial, incineration in a manner approved by SASA or other disposition of the carcass in a safe and sanitary manner. The owner may request SASA to dispose of the animal at a fee fixed by ordinance by the board of supervisors. The animal services executive director shall be responsible for disposal of all dead animals whose ownership cannot be established. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).

7.44.030 Disposition of stray cats.

A.    It shall be unlawful for any person who contains a stray cat found at large on their property to abandon the cat. Such act of abandonment is a violation of this code and will constitute an infraction.

For the purposes of this section only the following definitions shall apply:

1.    “Contains” shall mean traps, corners, confines or in some manner restricts the cat’s freedom from continuing to roam.

2.    “Stray cat” means a cat that is running loose and at large with no owner present, and/or a cat that is trespassing on another’s property.

3.    “Abandon” means once the cat is contained, the person transports the cat to a location that is not within close proximity to where the cat was originally contained and releases the cat to freely roam.

B.    Upon containing a stray cat, the person shall treat the cat humanely and:

1.    As soon as possible shall release the cat or return the cat to the owner, if known; or

2.    If the owner is not known, then not later than the next business day, shall transport the cat to the animal shelter and provide the date, time and location of when and where the cat was contained upon surrendering the cat to SASA.

C.    It is recommended, but not required, that a person who sets a trap take all reasonable measures to notify neighbors of the trap(s) being set, and/or attempt to locate the owner of the contained cat before transporting the cat to the animal shelter. (Ord. 745 (part), 2013).