Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Petition.

13.04.020    Procedure.

13.04.030    Prohibited connections—Owners subject to regulations.

13.04.040    Interpretation of provisions.

13.04.010 Petition.

Whenever any real property in the city has no portion of the sewer system of the city running through the property or through the streets or alleys adjoining the same, the owner of the property may request the city council, in writing, to extend the sewer system of the city through the streets or alleys adjoining the property so that connection with the sewer may be had from the real property, and shall, in the request, offer to pay the city such proportion of the total cost of such extension of the sewer system as the area of the property owned by him and to be served by such extension bears to the total area of property afforded sewer connection by such extension. (Ord. 77 § 1, 1937).

13.04.020 Procedure.

After the filing of such petition, the city council shall investigate the necessity, cost and advisability of the requested extension of the sewer system and if, in the opinion of the council such extension should be made, and the cost thereof is not out of proportion to the value of the property to be served thereby and is not sufficiently great in the opinion of the council to warrant financing the construction of the extension by issuance of bonds or procedure under any of the Improvement Acts set forth in the statutes of the state, the city council may, in its discretion, by resolution for that purpose, cause the extension to be made and pay the cost thereof from the general fund or from any other funds in the city treasury available for that purpose. Such resolution shall specify the property that will be entitled to connection with the extension.

It shall be at the absolute discretion of the city council either to grant or deny any such request for construction of such sewer extension, and may require the property owner applying for such extension, as a condition of making such extension, to deposit with the city clerk a sum equal to the proportion of the estimated cost of such construction chargeable against his property, provided, also, that the city council may, in its discretion, as a condition of making such extension, require the applicant to pay a greater part of the cost thereof than the area of his property bears to the total cost of such extension. The construction of such extension shall be under the supervision of the superintendent of streets and upon completion of the work, he shall certify to the city council the total cost of such extension and the property owner or owners applying for such extension shall forthwith pay his or their proportionate share, or such sum as the council may have required by such resolution, and the city council shall by resolution specify the proportionate amount of such cost that shall be charged against each parcel of property entitled to connection with such extension, and thereafter when the owner of any such parcel upon which sum so specified has not been paid, desires to make connection with said sewer from such property, he shall pay to the city for a permit for such connection, in addition to such other sums and/or permits as may be required by the ordinances of the city, a sum equal to the amount so specified in the resolution as chargeable against the property. The council may, in its discretion, fix the minimum area of land on which such charge shall be paid at a greater area than one city lot. (Ord. 249 § 1, 1974: Ord. 77 § 2, 1937).

13.04.030 Prohibited connections—Owners subject to regulations.

After the completion of such extension it is unlawful to construct or maintain any cesspool, septic tank or privy vault on any real property specified in such resolutions as being entitled to connection with such extension and such property and the owners and occupants thereof shall be subject in all respects, except as to payment of the additional fee for connection, to the ordinances of the city regulating connection with the city sewers. (Ord. 77 § 3, 1937).

13.04.040 Interpretation of provisions.

Nothing herein contained shall be construed as attempting in any way to do away with any of the means provided by statute for the construction or extension of sewer systems, nor to interfere in any way with procedure under any of such measures by the city. (Ord. 77 § 4, 1937).